Ground Zero mosque imam tied to co-conspirator in terror-funding trial

The Council on American-Islamic Relations wants you to believe those who oppose a Cordoba House * at Ground Zero are bigots. It is CAIR’s modus operandi to cry “bigot” and then release a statement to the press:

Why is all this bigotry and hatred being employed to stop the construction of a community center that will house recreational and banquet facilities, meeting rooms, an auditorium — and yes, a prayer space for Muslims and people of other faiths? … The constitutional rights of American Muslims must not be left in the hands of those who exploit and promote fear of the “other” and use the same divisive tactics that have harmed so many other societies throughout history. — Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, July 22, 2010

Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf heads the Cordoba Initiative that seeks to build a 15-story mosque, “cultural center,” and Islamic “fun center” overlooking Ground Zero. He advocates for replacing our Constitution with sharia law, to take away religious freedom from all non-believers in Islam. His Cordoba House is an attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to plant sharia’s flag over where genocide was committed and brave American heroes fell.

Among those individuals and organizations named as un-indicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case were: Jamal Badawi (“Founding incorporator of the female viagra tablets india sims 3 shorts female viagra enter jane austen research paper antabuse definition how to write personal essays prednisone warnings source levitra canadian pharmacy french fries business plan writing coach click here thesis proposal using java report writing service after school essay watch vigora buy an essay onlone expired viagra risks how do i setup my email on my iphone 6 cialis viagra and levitra published dissertation enter site buy viagra manila hamlet paper spongebob squarepants essay amoxil buy how to write a precis essay Muslim American Society“); Islamic Society of North America, aka ISNA; North American Islamic Trust, aka NAIT; Islamic Association for Palestine in North America, aka IAP; and Council on American Islamic Relations, aka CAIR.

The ISNA and IIIT funded and privately distributed Imam Rauf’s book, with his permission, to Islamic centers around the country:

Click here to view and download the two-page pdf

The Holy Land Foundation:

After more than 15 years of investigation and two trials, the Holy Land Foundation and five of its former organizers were found guilty of illegally funneling more than $12 million to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Hamas was spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood; Imam Rauf repeatedly refused to denounce either of those terrorist organizations.

In part, here is why CAIR and the ISNA were designated co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial:

Documents posted at the Counterrorism Blog confirm that Nihad Awad, a leader of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), was present during an infamous 1993 meeting held in Philadelphia by senior leaders of Hamas, the Holy Land Foundation, and the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP). The Holy Land Foundation is currently on trial on charges of providing financial support for Hamas and the IAP is generally considered to have represented the Hamas infrastructure in the U.S. A widely reported FBI memo based on wiretaps of the meeting indicated that its purpose was “to develop a strategy to defeat the Israeli/Palestinian peace accord, and to continue and improve their [HAMAS] fund-raising and political activities in the United States.” Mr. Nihad was an employee of the IAP at the time of the meeting and until now, FBI documents only referred to Nihad LNU (last name unknown). As the CT blog notes, Awad had been asked about his attendance at the meeting during a civil lawsuit and said the didn’t think that he had but that he didn’t remember. The next summer, he was videotaped stating ‘I am in support of the HAMAS movement’ during a seminar at Miami’ Barry University. The impact of these revelations on CAIR is not clear but it the origins of the organization in the U.S. Hamas infrastructure has been known for some time and it is doubtful whether this additional piece of evidence will be enough to unseat the organization in the eyes of many as a prominent organization representing U.S. Muslims that has been engaged by parts of the U.S. government.

We will not be silenced by those who seek to impose religious discrimination — sharia law — here in America: Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, the Muslim Brotherhood, and an Islamist mouthpiece at CAIR.


* Note — While it has been announced the proposed Cordoba House mosque and Islamic Cultural Center has changed its name to ’51 Park Place’, they have yet to figure out what to rename the 7-year old Cordoba Initiative.

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  1. bari hyman
    July 23, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    If you go to act for america website or google brigitte gabriel (sorry if i don’t have the names exactly right) you can sign a petition against this travesty. thousands have signed but i don’t hold out much hope. bloomberg, stringer, cuomo, should all be out of office. it’s an utter disgrace that anyone, let alone these pathetic elected officials, support the building of this islamic cultural center. Muslims are famous or infamous for building their mosques on the ashes of their conquests, the most glaring one, the al aqsa mosque in jerusalem. this has nothing to do with religious tolerance. there are mosques all over new york city and all over the country. they are taxpayer as well as saudi funded. where do you think the money is coming from for this “cultural center”? honestly, we are living in an era of brain dead, appeasing, politically correct morons in charge of our local and national governments. As a New Yorker, as a recovery volunteer, as a human being, the building of this monstrosity on the graves of over 1100 innocent human beings (the number of unidentified victims for whom the WTC site is their final resting place), sickens me to the core. This is a very sad indication of how castrated we have become. God help us all and God bless the 3,000 families and America.

    Editor — Thanks, Bari. If you look to your left (at the left sidebar) you will see a green and gray icon which reads “Stop the 911 Mosque @ Ground Zero” and “Sign the petition.” If you click on it, it takes you to ACT for America (Brigette’s web site) and, as the text below our icon tells you, to where you can sign the same petition that you mentioned.

  2. Glenn
    July 22, 2010 at 9:24 pm


  3. frank keen
    July 22, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    This is a complete disgrace to all the brave American’s that died in 911, This muslum has one hell of a nerve to do this, he should be deported out of this country, this man has actually said that the United States was completely at fault for the attack, and that the U.S. caused this to happen, this man is a complete monster, and if he was in front of me, and said this, I would have punched him right in the Mouth. And Bloomberg you really suck, this monster supports terrorism, and I hope that someone stops this from being built, All you New Yorkers need to get up in arm’s and raise all kind’s of hell,to stop this disgusting piece of crap from being built, Get A petition and all you New York citizens need to ALL sign it and stick it right on Bloomberg’s desk. These Monsters Murdered Innocent Human Beings And Rejoiced Afterward, and now they want to spit in our face’s again and build this disgusting Mosque,two blocks away from 911, No ****** Way.

  4. Bonnie Tarone
    July 22, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    We’re getting out the word on this….I sent the ACLJ 20 signatures on the petition opposing this travesty, yesterday and e-mailed the site to many others so they could add their names and pass on….Keep the faith!
    Most of America has not forgotten!
    Bonnie Tarone

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