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James Cole DAG nominee ‘aggressive demilitarizing of the war’: Debra Burlingame

Debra Burlingame spoke with talk radio host Steve Malzberg yesterday after the Senate Judiciary Committee nomination hearing of James Cole to become the Deputy Attorney General of the United States:

“[James Cole’s] client was Naif Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Foreign Minister who ran the Al Haramain charity, this huge Saudi “charity” was shut down by the Treasury Department in 2004 — and we haven’t been able to confirm that it was shut down. … They gave millions of dollars to terrorists; they supported al Qaeda before 9/11 and after 9/11 … This is a huge, huge conflict of interest because how is this man going to be investigating, prosecuting, detaining, and interrogating the people who in fact are his former clients?”

Here is the full audio of the interview:

To be fair to both Malzberg and the “feckless Republicans” he spoke of, Senator Jeff Sessions made a noble effort within the too few minutes available to him, the nomination was only announced the day before, and committee Democrats consumed two-thirds of the 2-hour hearing with glowing adoration for James Cole, potshots at the previous administration, and posturing on other matters. (Senators Patrick Leahy and Sheldon Whitehouse would willingly submit to months of continuous waterboarding before asking even one probing question of a Democrat President’s nominee.) There was a lot of ground to cover with Cole and not nearly enough time to cover it all. Still, Senator Lindsay Graham came to the hearing with a rubber stamp “yea” vote for Cole and his C-SPAN “thoughtful” face set to further his own agenda: horse trading the closing of Gitmo for passage into law of his vision of the legal war against terror.

You can watch the replay of the hearing here.

9/11 families and friends protest Ground Zero mosque; the Muslim Brotherhood protests the intolerance

CBN has a report and video of yesterday’s protest against building a ‘Cordoba House’ within sight and sound of Ground Zero at the World Trade Center:

Before the protest, I walked the short distance north of World Trade Center 7 to the former Burlington Coat Factory where Friday prayers are now held and the Cordoba House Islamic “cultural center” and “fun center” would be built. It struck me that the two buildings directly south of 43-45 Park Place are both 13-stories and remembered that on May 17, Debra Burlingame and Tim Brown met with the owners:

“Mr. El-Gamal showed … architectural renderings in which a mosque, located on the top floor of the 15-story building, would have a commanding view of the entire Ground Zero neighborhood.”

Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf advocates that America formally supplement our Constitution by beginning to allow some legal matters involving only willing Muslims (for now) be adjudicated using sharia law. In Islamic governed nations, sharia law is dictated by the Koran and outlaws proselytizing by all other religions, imposes a discriminatory tax upon all non-believers, denies all women equal protection under law, and punishes being gay by imprisonment or death.

Today I note that the official web site of the Muslim Brotherhood ( has posted, using the tag ‘Islamophobia’, about yesterday’s protest at Church and Liberty Streets in lower Manhattan. I will not directly link to the article because: 1) the Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists and the organization fathered al Qaeda, 2) directly to the right of the article they have an image of a dead baby with what appears to be large bullet hole through its upper abdomen, and 3) while they depict Israeli commandos last week storming the flotilla and gunning down people on the boat, they do not show the video of masked terrorists attacking the commandos with metal rods, knives, and their fists and feet. Yet here is an except from the Muslim Brotherhood’s post:

Organizers alleged that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who was behind the mosque construction was not the man of peace he claimed to be. They questioned the funding of the mosque stressing their anger at the decision describing it as an insult to have it constructed close to their loved ones graves who dies during the twin tower attacks. Many of the protestors [sic] included Russian Jews, Arab Christians and Indians who stressed their love for the so-called American freedom [emphasis added mine]. Mosque supporters however hope the construction of the Mosque may bring something good out of 9-11 and restore tolerance for Islam.

Iman Feisel Abdul Rauf heads the Cordoba Initiative that seeks to build the Cordoba House. His late father was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and built the Islamic Center of New York at 96th Street and Y with millions of dollars of contributions from 43 foreign nations. (The complex now includes two adjacent apartment buildings that are exclusively occupied by Muslims.) The New York Post discovered that while Imam Rauf said all the money for the Cordoba House would be raised in America, he told an Arab speaking newspaper in England it would also come from “Arab and Islamic countries.”

There are currently 2,300 mosques in America. Muslims freely practice their religion here yet most of them were built with monies from Wahabbists in the Middle East who dictate the teachngs within the mosques.

Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf is a prominent associate of the largest financial backer of the terrorists who last week conducted a suicide ambush upon Israeli commandos. In other words, Imam Rauf supports terrorists masquerading as peace activists abroad and advocates for discriminatory sharia law here. Then he and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters have the unmitigated nerve to claim Rauf is the victim of intolerance when 9/11 family members and freedom-loving people protest a sharia-compliant Cordoba House being built within the kill zone of where sharia-compliant al Qaeda terrorists slaughtered 2,976 people.

Anna Allison AA 11