al Qaeda

Saddam family member linked to al Qaeda captured in Iraq:

Another of Saddam Hussein’s relatives who was bringing in support from Syria and leading an al Qaeda cell in Iraq has been captured. This report is from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command News Service:

During three separate operations Oct. 7, Iraqi Security Forces, with U.S. Special Operations Forces as advisers, detained 14 suspected terrorists and killed one insurgent throughout Iraq.

Iraqi Special Operations Forces detained a key al Qaeda in Iraq cell leader, a second cousin to the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, during an intelligence driven raid in northern Mosul.

The suspected cell leader is believed to be heavily involved with transporting money and equipment from Syria to terrorist cells in the Mosul area. He is also believed to be involved with sniper attacks as well as improvised explosive device and vehicle-borne IED attacks against Coalition Forces and Iraqi Police. He is directly linked to a VBIED attack Sept. 28 that resulted in a destroyed bridge overpass.

The assault force detained two suspected cell members and seized an AK-47 assault rifle with associated ammunition, a safe, passports, ledgers, blank identification cards, video tapes and a computer.

Hat tip to the American Thinker.