Renee Ellmers for Congress; No Mosque at Ground Zero

We concur with North Carolina’s Renee Ellmers that “The terrorists haven’t won. We should tell them in plain English, ‘No; there will never be a mosque at Ground Zero.'” Ellmers spoke with Freedom Radio about the mosque and her campaign to unseat Congressman Bob Etheridge:

Last year, eight Muslim residents of her Congressional district were arrested for plotting to attack the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia which demonstrated the threat posed by the rise of radical Islamists here is a national security concern.

Her opponent for North Carolina’s 2nd District seat, Congressman Bob Etheridge, reportedly “has never thought building this mosque and community center so close to Ground Zero is a good idea.” Yet his campaign spokesman Mike Davis “acknowledged that Etheridge has never offered his opinion publicly, but said that’s because ‘he’s not going to get involved in it. … That decision is for New York.'”

We join Renee Ellmers in her call for the leadership of the Republican and Democrat caucuses in Congress to support a resolution opposing the Ground Zero Mosque.

Ceding ground to those who promote the establishment of discriminatory sharia law here in America would encourage both the violent and “non-violent” jihad being waged against our Nation.

America was attacked on 9/11; the Stars and Stripes is the only victory flag that should ever fly over our sacred ground.

Obama and State Dept helping Imam Rauf build sharia mosque at Ground Zero

Cordoba Initiative Imam Fesiel Abdul Rauf was not at Tuesday’s Landmark Commission hearing over the plan to tear down an 152-year old historical building and replace it with a mosque overlooking Ground Zero. Perhaps President Barack Obama had the State Department send Imam Rauf off again as an envoy to the Muslim world, as IslamOnline reports:

CAIRO – Sitting firmly in his seat with a determined look in his eyes, American Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf appears resolved to bridge the gap between the West and the Muslim world. “My purpose is to spread harmony and peace between the West and the Muslim world,” Imam Abdul-Rauf, chairman of the Cordoba Initiative, told in an exclusive interview. “My role is to see how can my work help improve this relationship.”

Imam Abdul-Rauf is currently on a State Department-sponsored tour to build bridges. “This is part of it as the work is huge and can’t be done by one person or one organization,” he said. “It is also to share people like yourself the work that we do. We need people in the media and we need people to talk to understand what we do.” He defended the US government’s support for his organization.

Is it ‘separation of church and state’ to send a sharia-compliant imam to build bridges to the Muslim world while filling his coffers to build a Cordoba House overlooking Ground Zero?

Former New York Governor George Pataki was asked this morning if this is a freedom-of-faith issue on Fox News:

Bill Hemmer: “Our Mayor says the government should keep out of religion. Is this the right example?”

Governor Pataki: “Yes. Government should keep out of religion but religion should not engage in [supporting] terrorist activity.”

All religions should be kept out of government.

Yet the Muslim Brotherhood has secretly worked here for five decades to destroy America from within. They advocate sharia law which, in Islamic countries: stones to death 14-year old girls and old women for “adultery;” flogs un-married couples found together un-chaperoned; excuses gangs that rape “immodest” women; tortures gays and hangs them from light poles; dismembers apostates; cuts the heads off those who speak against the Koran’s war-mongering and discriminatory passages; and levies a ‘devalue-added’ tax against all non-Muslims. They want religious freedom eliminated from this good earth in the name of Allah and America is their prime target.

Islam should not lord over where sharia-complying Muslims committed genocide and brave American heroes fell.

When Imam Rauf denounces da’wah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, political Islam, sharia, and 1400-year old hate-speech, I’ll bring my shovel and help break ground for his Cordoba House. Barring that, Rauf should stick his House of Da’wah in an Islamic-governed nation, but not anywhere in America where the light of liberty still shines.

Tolerating a 15-story Islamist threat overlooking hallowed Ground Zero is un-American

After reading this New York Post report, we hope New York’s Mayor is merely confused: “Michael Bloomberg said it would be unAmerican to investigate the mosque [sic] that is planned for construction near where the World Trade Center once stood.”

We do not ask for an investigation without cause.

The Cordoba Initiative received its largest donation, $576,312, from Qatar, just prior to the purchase of the Burlington Coat Factory:

[On May 17, 2010], representatives of 9/11 [Families for a Safe & Strong America] met with Sharif El-Gamal, owner and CEO of Soho Properties, the corporation that purchased the two buildings where the mosque will be built at 43-45 Park Place, and asked him to name the investors in the mosque project. Mr. El-Gamal refused, citing the advice of his attorneys, stating that “this is private property” and that “we can build this ‘as of right.’” The property was purchased with $4.85 million in cash.

In Arabic, Imam Rauf changed his story as to where that $4.85 million came from. Barring a full and fair accounting of the money to buy and build the Cordoba House, it should be audited and investigated by legal authorities.

That is not all that is wrong with Mayor Bloomberg’s word: un-American. It is misdirected.

We believe in freedom of faith; all have an unalienable right to believe or not believe in something beyond earthly mortality. Imam Rauf often has said of the Cordoba House, “It is not a mosque.” So, what is true? Rauf admits that there would be a place within those walls for the faithful to pray and it falls within what Muslims define as a mosque. His religion, whether we believe in it or not, is not why we object.

It is Imam Rauf who suggests that political Islam, more specifically sharia law, should rule all nations. Our Nation was founded in liberty; we should never stand silent while a discriminatory ideology is promoted. And we should not “tolerate” its promotion under guise of religion overlooking hallowed ground where genocide was committed and brave American heroes fell.

Rauf has openly admitted he will use that site and “the World Trade Center rubble” for “da’wah,” the call to non-believers to Islam. If he was totally honest, Imam Rauf would admit that da’wah is an offer we can not refuse for if we do, the jihad is authorized.

America need not tolerate a 15-story threat two blocks away from where we paid so dear a price for not heeding the warnings from Islamists. We should never accede to their demands to submit — not at Ground Zero or anywhere else.

Mega Manhattan Madrassa

Islamic charity in the third-world usually comes literally with a stick; the starving multitudes are lured by offered food yet to receive aide, one must already be a Muslim or enter that faith for the sustenance to keep coming. Forty-two percent of Pakistan’s population is illiterate and millions of dirt-poor children only survive by attending Middle East funded madrasses where they learn only one thing: the Koran. Another example among the thousands you can find online is goon squads in India are left to dole out substance in Muslims-dominant areas:

In Toba Tek Singh in Punjab, the local government forbids poor Christians from taking advantage of a meals service because of their faith. This is revealed by a survey Assist News Service, an agency of the Protestant community. Recently, the Punjab government decided to offer a free meal service called “dastar Khwan” for the poor, inviting entrepreneurs and philanthropists of every state to finance the project, built largely with public money. The authorities have opened canteens in different areas and villages in the province where every day from 13.00 to 15:00 lunch is served for poor people at a cost of only 9 cents. The initiative was a success all over the Punjab, but not in the district of Toba TAK Singh where many Christians were prevented from buying the meal token. … Ashiqi Masih, a poor man who is well known among Muslims for his Christian faith, decided instead to rebel against the discriminatory treatment. “I argued with the manager of the kiosk — he said — stressing that the government has never allowed discrimination against Christians. I said if this was their policy, why not put a sign on the stand saying: ‘Only for Muslims ?”. … In response to the accusations, a district spokesman says the government has no policy of discrimination toward Christians. “The citizens — he stated — have to resolve problems among themselves. The government only has the task of providing flour subsidies.”

In America, the Islamists must be a bit more subtle as the population here is better fed. Unless you are voting in Philadelphia or debating the Gospel at an Arab festival on a public street in Dearborn, our federal and local governments frown on thugs intimidating non-Democrats and non-believers. Here you need Islamic “fun-centers” to lure in the children.

Cordoba Initiative Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf indicated during recent Friday prayers that he looks forward to converting the children and grandchildren of those slaughtered on 9/11 to Islam. But in Manhattan, you need to go big to draw a crowd; you need what would be the largest mosque in America, it overlooking Ground Zero, and an imam heading it who claims to be a “bridge builder,” who blames 9/11 on “United States foreign policy” as “an accessory to the crime,” who will not condemn Hamas for its countless acts of butchery, and who claims to be a man of peace.

Is it religious bigotry to point out that Islam’s sharia law is discriminatory? Is it prejudicial to accurately state that by far most of the world’s Islamic charity goes to spreading Islam and feeds only the faithful? Is it discriminatory to accurately state Islamic charities have funded three-quarters of the 2,300 mosques in America, fund Pakistan’s madrassas, and support terrorism? Is it Islamophobic to correctly state that in Islamic-governed nations you find police beating unaccompanied women and courts that sentence to death, prison, or the lash women who are gang-raped if they were “immodestly” dressed and “invited” the crime?

To be fair, Imam Rauf only says he wants America to accept a little bit of discriminatory sharia law. He is content to wait ten, twenty, or however many years it takes for America to become a Muslim-dominant country. Evidently, everybody will initially be welcome in the Cordoba House pool, woman need not wear a burka bikini, no Muslims will be offended, and no one will be punished for inviting rape. All of Islam’s fun can be imposed on a non-believing minority at a later date.

Cuomo doesn’t know sharia; Ground Zero imam preaches intolerant Islamic law

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said the following in response to yesterday’s press conference conducted by Rick Lazio, his potential opposition in the coming election for governor in New York state:

“If there is a criminal case, then there is a criminal case. But, if this is: I don’t like this religion, and I don’t like this religion on this block. Or: I don’t like this religion in this city. Then I agree with Mayor Bloomberg. Then I agree with the community board that approved the mosque. What are we about, if not religious freedom? What is the country about if not religious freedom? What is this state about if not religious freedom? Well, religious freedom except I don’t like this religion. But then, there might be another government, and they won’t like Catholicism, or they won’t like Judaism, or they won’t like Christianity, then what?”

Andrew Cuomo possesses a deeply troubling lack of information; Rauf is motivated by the same intolerance that spurred Mohammed Atta and his co-conspirators to slam commercial airliners into buildings.

At Ground Zero, in his Cordoba House “cultural center” and mosque, Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf would “peacefully” preach an end to religious tolerance in America and the end of our free society. Mr. Cuomo and others blindly pawn this off as a “freedom-of-faith” issue yet Rauf wants our Nation — in less than a generation — to be ruled by Islamic sharia law. Debra Burlingame explained yesterday what Rauf advocates:

“The practices which countenance and support wife beating, which would call for the execution of homosexuals, which would call for the ostracizing or the execution of apostates. [Imam Rauf] is a bit like mercury on the subject of sharia, a little hard to pin down in a conversation. But the fact of the matter is he has written extensively on this subject, particularly in the Middle East and Malaysia where he has offices.

“Malaysia is a country that is a Muslim-dominant pluralistic society that is a Muslim-dominant country where they have sharia law and sharia law is imposed on all Muslims. He would impose that system of governance here. That is very important to me because we just celebrated the 4th of July, our Independence, where the Founders of this country created something which had never existed before in the history of any human interaction, and that is consent of the governed, the powers of the government are derived from the people. Under sharia, the powers of the rulers are derived from the divine Allah. And that is what this man wants to bring to this country.

“His book ‘What’s Right About Islam’ was published in Malaysia under the title ‘A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Da’wah in the Heart of America Post-9/11?. Da’wah is proselytization. He means to use that site. And he has said so, we want to “leverage,” that’s his word, “We want to leverage our location and proximity” to that site to bring people to Islam. And he talks about a tipping point; ten years to have a no-going-back Muslim presence fully integrated into our society and a twenty-year tipping point where you have a Muslim-dominant America. That’s what he wants to do on the backs of 3,000 people who died in the name of Islam and religious intolerance. He would use their memory and that scared ground … to usher in a system of government that I know my brother and [Tim Brown’s firefighter] colleagues would find appalling.

“And I urge you as members of this media to ask this Imam, “What about the secular Muslims who come to this country to flee sharia?” This is the country of last resort where peaceful, secular Muslims will have no place else to go.”