‘Orgasmic’ Christ; Where’s the outrage from the Muslim world? (Update: Allah depiction suspected; backlash expected)

The 9 News link came to me via my Google alert for ‘September 11’. As you will see, the museum also contains a gallery on that subject.

In a city-owned museum in Loveland, Colorado, where school children often make field trips, there is a 12-panel lithograph entitled “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals” which the artist defends and the city refuses to remove. Not everyone there is amused.

“It depicts clearly a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ engaging in an oral sex act with another person,” says Deacon Ed Armijo of St. John’s The Evangelist Catholic Church. Deacon Armijo and several members of the community went to the gallery to voice their opposition to the exhibit.

The exhibit has raised a question society and the legal system have wrestled with for years: When does art go too far?

“I think people need to come in and see it for themselves. It is hard to take one piece in isolation. It is in the context of an exhibit and this one particular piece is not a stand alone piece,” says Susan Ison, cultural services director for the City of Loveland.

I Googled the work’s title and found it online. It is far sicker and more disgusting than the article describes. The second panel appears to have the cut off head of a soldier in a basket along with other “fruits,” in keeping with the sexual theme. The fourth panel appears to portray a Holy nun in a “maid’s” outfit (some sort of sacrifice is depicted in the background and I’m loathe to speculate what the sub-panels portray). Panels 5 through 7 apparently are of Christ on his road-trip. (The images are a bit small so I am only guessing that is Barack Obama in the sombrero and someone is in a turban. What either has to do with it all is beyond me). The eighth panel has Christ’s head, more accurately his holiness, literally on fire in a bedroom praying to be delivered from the temptation of two “pigs” on the bed. In pane1 12, a cross-dressing transgender Christ is shown having oral sex performed on him/her with the word ‘orgasm’ above them. You need not be Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart to recognize the pornography.

It offends me so BE WARNED BEFORE clicking on this link.

Ground Zero mosque developer Sharif El-Gamal told the Today Show’s Matt Laurer on Wednesday, “In order to be a Muslim, you have to be a good Jew and good Christian at the same time.” Sharif El-Gamal was arrested during his mid-20’s for soliciting a prostitute (one of seven arrests in his “youth”) so there is plenty in “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals” for him to recognize and be offended by. Maybe he will ask Imam Rauf to issue a fatwah, mention during his next State Department funded tour to the Muslim world that perhaps Allah was depicted, and go on Larry King Live to say if Loveland does not take it down, they’ll be another 9/11.

Where’s the outrage? Why aren’t all the “good Christian” Muslims out rioting, killing the innocent, and burning down churches?

Update: Someone pointed out to me the guy kneeling in the eighth panel is also wearing a turbin. So, the artist is surely not depicting Christ. That should earn Imam Rauf some more TV time and tells me this particular piece will soon make an early exit from the museum but it was okay when the artist was only offending Christians and potentially exposing children to smut.

Mega Manhattan Madrassa

Islamic charity in the third-world usually comes literally with a stick; the starving multitudes are lured by offered food yet to receive aide, one must already be a Muslim or enter that faith for the sustenance to keep coming. Forty-two percent of Pakistan’s population is illiterate and millions of dirt-poor children only survive by attending Middle East funded madrasses where they learn only one thing: the Koran. Another example among the thousands you can find online is goon squads in India are left to dole out substance in Muslims-dominant areas:

In Toba Tek Singh in Punjab, the local government forbids poor Christians from taking advantage of a meals service because of their faith. This is revealed by a survey Assist News Service, an agency of the Protestant community. Recently, the Punjab government decided to offer a free meal service called “dastar Khwan” for the poor, inviting entrepreneurs and philanthropists of every state to finance the project, built largely with public money. The authorities have opened canteens in different areas and villages in the province where every day from 13.00 to 15:00 lunch is served for poor people at a cost of only 9 cents. The initiative was a success all over the Punjab, but not in the district of Toba TAK Singh where many Christians were prevented from buying the meal token. … Ashiqi Masih, a poor man who is well known among Muslims for his Christian faith, decided instead to rebel against the discriminatory treatment. “I argued with the manager of the kiosk — he said — stressing that the government has never allowed discrimination against Christians. I said if this was their policy, why not put a sign on the stand saying: ‘Only for Muslims ?”. … In response to the accusations, a district spokesman says the government has no policy of discrimination toward Christians. “The citizens — he stated — have to resolve problems among themselves. The government only has the task of providing flour subsidies.”

In America, the Islamists must be a bit more subtle as the population here is better fed. Unless you are voting in Philadelphia or debating the Gospel at an Arab festival on a public street in Dearborn, our federal and local governments frown on thugs intimidating non-Democrats and non-believers. Here you need Islamic “fun-centers” to lure in the children.

Cordoba Initiative Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf indicated during recent Friday prayers that he looks forward to converting the children and grandchildren of those slaughtered on 9/11 to Islam. But in Manhattan, you need to go big to draw a crowd; you need what would be the largest mosque in America, it overlooking Ground Zero, and an imam heading it who claims to be a “bridge builder,” who blames 9/11 on “United States foreign policy” as “an accessory to the crime,” who will not condemn Hamas for its countless acts of butchery, and who claims to be a man of peace.

Is it religious bigotry to point out that Islam’s sharia law is discriminatory? Is it prejudicial to accurately state that by far most of the world’s Islamic charity goes to spreading Islam and feeds only the faithful? Is it discriminatory to accurately state Islamic charities have funded three-quarters of the 2,300 mosques in America, fund Pakistan’s madrassas, and support terrorism? Is it Islamophobic to correctly state that in Islamic-governed nations you find police beating unaccompanied women and courts that sentence to death, prison, or the lash women who are gang-raped if they were “immodestly” dressed and “invited” the crime?

To be fair, Imam Rauf only says he wants America to accept a little bit of discriminatory sharia law. He is content to wait ten, twenty, or however many years it takes for America to become a Muslim-dominant country. Evidently, everybody will initially be welcome in the Cordoba House pool, woman need not wear a burka bikini, no Muslims will be offended, and no one will be punished for inviting rape. All of Islam’s fun can be imposed on a non-believing minority at a later date.