Army PFC Hunter Levine needs our help

One of our own needs our help!

Next to the photograph of United States Army PFC Hunter Levine are symbols of his service and sacrifice to our nation. Among what you see above are a Combat Infantry Badge, his 10th Infantry (Mountain) Division patch, and, among three medals, his Purple Heart. On May 9, 2008, on a combat patrol of Baghdad, PFC Levine sustained serious injuries to his face, resulting in the loss of his entire bone structure, mouth, nose, and vision. While his medical needs are being attended to, his First Sergeant says he needs our help:

I spoke with him on the phone this evening, and he seemed real down. The reality is that he still has a long road to recover and may never see again. This young man has everything to live for and is a true inspiration. He is exactly the kind of person we would all want in a brother, son, or friend. I feel obligated to try and rally some support for him. I know we have a lot of caring people out there who would love to do something special for an outstanding American who gave his all for his country. — 1SG Brian M. Disque, C CO 2-30 IN

READ THE REST. Here is an email address to Tammy at the Parents Zone. Find a way to support PFC Hunter Levine.

Michelle Malkin has more here.

Update: A snail mail address (deleted to respect PFC Levine’s privacy).

Please coordinate all efforts by emailing Tammy here:

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