Victory in Iraq Day

Four years ago, 262 9/11 family members signed our ‘Open letter to the American people’ in continuing support of the mission in Iraq. We reminded the hindsight critics of the invasion that we have seen a threat left unchecked materialize in the deaths of our loved ones:

August 26, 2004: We speak to you now in the same spirit that you spoke to us then, as Americans, united on behalf of our country. Like many of you, we feel that our nation is poised at a critical moment in history. Like our parents and grandparents before us, we know that the choices we make today will affect our children tomorrow. But we face a new challenge, a new kind of war and an enemy who is different from the enemies faced by earlier generations. This is not an adversary who can be reasoned with or appeased, this is an adversary who has repeatedly demonstrated that its means and ends are one and the same: the wanton slaughter of innocents.

Today we remember and honor our magnificent troops — the fallen, wounded, injured, veterans, those still in the fight, and their families. While no bands play, parades march, or confetti falls, the flags fly on our homes and in our hearts for them all.


Our hats tip to the organizers of today’s celebration. More here.

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