Price of Freedom

Ralph Peters, writing in the New York Post today:

Was Russert’s passing truly more deserving of commemoration than the loss of service members awarded posthumous Medals of Honor? Had he sacrificed more than those, living and dead, who earned Navy Crosses, Distinguished Service Crosses or Silver Stars in combat?

The only recent instances when the media devoted remotely as much attention to individuals in uniform were the investigation into Spec. Pat Tillman’s death, a military botch-up, and the media-amplified Abu Ghraib affair, when journalists gleefully maligned all those who serve over the misdeeds of six reservists.

Newspapers run rows of photographs of fallen service members, pretending to honor their sacrifices, but really to make Iraq seem a costly failure. The images of our dead are used and then discarded by editors whose vanity and ambition would’ve shamed a decadent Roman emperor.

So, on this Fourth of July, let me briefly honor just one of those who fell so journalists would remain free to belittle his sacrifice: … READ THE REST

Celebrate Independence Day and all those who earned and preserve our liberty.

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