Missing at the Memorial

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  1. March 12, 2007 at 2:54 pm

    The more I see of the great representational sculptures created in NYC over the past 150-odd years, the more disappointed I am in the winning proposal for the WTC memorial. Of course the names of the victims should be listed, with whatever details the families think appropriate (as space allows). But even more important: the site needs the kind of representational art that we have in the Firemen’s Memorial, the Maine Memorial, and so on – art that will make a statement to the millions who will visit the site from around the world. “Reflecting Absence” isn’t offensive, but why should we settle for a multi-million-dollar landscape-architecture placeholder when we could have an evocative work of art?

    I’ve written at greater length about this in “Reflecting on Reflecting Absence,” which appears on my website with illustrations: http://www.forgottendelights.com/NYCsculpture/ReflectingOnReflectingAbsence.htm

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