Michelle Malkin: Eagles Return

In the National Review Online this morning, Michelle Malkin asks, “Who will be there to counter the Jane Fonda retreads? Will you?”

ANSWER will lead what it bills as a “massive” Sept. 15 demonstration to “End the War Now!” — no matter what Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker report. They will hold a “die-in” and once again use the names and legacies of fallen soldiers without their permission to push for a precipitous pullout. They’ll remain in Washington the following week to hold a Code Pink-led protest in the House and an Iraq Veterans Against the War-led harassment campaign against military recruiters in D.C. and nationwide.

For every anti-Bush activist agitating for immediate withdrawal and throwing rocks at ROTC offices, an Eagle will be there in Washington to oppose the planting of the white flag. The organizations leading the way include the Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Landing, Move America Forward, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Free Republic, Vets for Freedom, and the Victory Caucus. (Visit gatheringofeagles.org and moveamericaforward.org for details.)

As retired Army Col. Harry Riley explains, “Unlike the ‘60s and ‘70s, the antiwar lemmings will not have the streets or the political stage to themselves. This time, Eagle Americans — we who support our troops, understand the stakes in the War on Terror and the true nature of our enemy, who aren’t blinded by an insane hatred of our way of life and our form of government — will also be in Washington, D.C., to show Congress that we will not tolerate another betrayal of our own forces or our allies… While the anti-democracy forces are well-funded by pro-left, anti-Americans, we Eagles have steadily been building our own coalition to stop ANSWER in its tracks, and keep Congress focused on winning the war, not their political ambitions.”

I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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Eagles do not flock

Eagles up!

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