French Justice: Train with al-Qaeda, Get Out of Jail Free

Please see this important piece by John Rosenthal, revealing the outrageous consequences of repatriating detainees to European appeasers:

Last Tuesday, a Parisian appeals court overturned the convictions of five former Guantanamo inmates who had been found guilty on terrorist conspiracy charges in 2007. The development should give pause to wonder not only about the wisdom of plans to transfer Guantanamo inmates to European countries (see my get link follow url enter buy levitra in singapore how to do powerpoint presentation thesis proposal questions enter pmr essay informal letter presentation in power point thesis abstract tense thesis with essay map generic over sea viagra resume objective for government job thesis energy management system operations management thesis topics viagra hard after coming free samples of sales cover letter Homes For Sale In Coconut Cay Miami Gardens Florida buy viagra in ontario custom online essays writing book reviews chronological order thesis go site format of speech writing for class 12 essay about music thesis binding imperial college how to write a paper proposal britain industrialization essay earlier New Majority piece here), but more fundamentally about the very idea of treating the “disposition” of Guantanamo inmates as an issue for civilian courts, whether in the US or abroad. The five French Gitmo detainees were repatriated to France in 2004 and 2005. They were tried and convicted on charges of belonging to a “criminal association formed for the purpose of undertaking a terrorist act.” The definition of this crime in French law is exceptionally broad. Not only does it permit what are, in effect, preventive detentions, but a suspect may be convicted by virtue of merely having had “regular contact” [relations habituelles] with one or more other persons who form part of such a terrorist enterprise.

The five former Gitmo detainees, however, did not merely have casual contact with members of a terror group. All five have admitted to receiving military training in Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. They were taken prisoner in the Afghan-Pakistani border region in late 2001, while fleeing the Battle of Tora-Bora. The five men — Brahim Yadel, Mourad Benchellali, Nizar Sassi, Redouane Khalid, and Khaled ben Mustafa — have provided various far-fetched alibis that are supposed to explain how they could have found themselves training in Qaeda camps, but still somehow not be implicated in Qaeda’s wars. Undoubtedly, the most amusingly incongruous of these alibis comes to us by way of none other than the New York Times, which in June 2006 published an “op-ed” signed by Mourad Benchellali. In the article, Benchellali claims that he left France for Afghanistan in early summer 2001 to go on a “dream vacation.”


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  1. Intimidator
    March 5, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    One can only assume that this is because they have yet to figure out a way to surrender to them.

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