The nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Muslims

While some intentionally deny it, Hitler’s Nazis did exterminate six million Jews during the Holocaust and the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Muslims. And despite what you hear from an ignorant TV “star” and other assorted fools, the World Trade Center’s building 7 fell as a result of structural damage and fires caused by the collapse of the North Tower. The city decided to not place scores more FDNY firefighters at extreme risk after so many had already died that day.

Michelle Malkin wrote of more denial today in the New York Post and the danger it places us all in:

Here was the description of the school drill plan: “The exercise will simulate an attack by a fictitious radical group called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone should be homeschooled. Under the scenario, a bomb is placed on the bus and is detonated while the bus is traveling on Durham, causing the bus to land on its side and fill with smoke.”

Flabbergasting: In the wake of 9/11 and the jihadists’ carnage against schoolchildren in Beslan, Russia, the school chose to prepare their students for an attack by Christian homeschooling “wackos,” not Muslim suicide bombers.

How many other jihad-whitewashing mock terrorism drills have been conducted using tax dollars? How long before we mimic the British schools — where the Holocaust is being dropped from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils?

American educators have been bending to the will of the grievance-mongers ever since the 9/11 attacks. Remember the jihad-sympathizing admonition included in the NEA’s touchy-feely, post-9/11 curriculum: “Do not suggest that any group is responsible” for the terrorist attacks, parents and teachers were advised.

But feel free to conjure up homeschooling “wackos” and Christian “New Crusaders” to avoid offending the Muslim lobby.

Not all Muslims are terrorists yet nearly all of the terrorists still trying to kill Americans are Muslims. That is the real world threat we face and the one we should prepare for.

Note: Michelle Malkin now also has a link up about whitewashing jihad in the schools here.

Guantanamo detainee admits 9/11 role

Received money from hijackers within hours of September 11 attacks

An Associated Press report in the Washington Times today says a Gitmo detainee denied being a member of al Qaeda yet admitted at his status hearing to receiving funds from two of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers. The AP itself then failed to point out widely publicized findings of the 9/11 Commission:

A Saudi accused of arranging financing for the September 11 terrorist-plot participants told a hearing he got money transfers from two hijackers inside the United States just hours before the attacks, according to a transcript the Pentagon released yesterday. But Mustafa Ahmad al-Hawsawi, who was based in the United Arab Emirates on September 11, 2001, denied that he was a member of al Qaeda or that he sent money to the hijackers.

The hearing, held to determine whether he is an “enemy combatant” eligible to be charged with war crimes, was conducted March 21.

Al-Hawsawi said he was told by al Qaeda operative Ramzi Binalshibh about the September 11 plot one day in advance and was instructed to fly that same day from the UAE to Pakistan, where he met Binalshibh the following day. Binalshibh is one of the 14 sent to Guantanamo last September; his hearing was March 9 but he refused to attend and submitted no statement.

Asked by a member of the Combatant Status Review Tribunal his reaction to realizing he was “part of that operation,” a reference to the September 11 attacks, al-Hawsawi replied, according to the transcript, “In the beginning I was surprised by the size of the operation. It was mostly a surprise to me.”

The transcript does not fully explain the significance of the claim that al-Hawsawi received thousands of dollars in money transfers from hijackers shortly before the September 11 attacks, other than establishing his association with them.

The 9/11 Commission stated some of the hijackers sent money back to their financiers prior to the attacks, to support future operations, as the money on hand was no longer needed for the current operation. They also noted that al Qaeda training manuals taught those sent on one-way missions to return unused funds (Ed.–No sense taking cash with them to hell). Al-Hawsawi’s admission directly links him to both al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks. The Commission’s report has been in print and online for more than three years now. I wonder if the AP’s reporters will ever read it.

Was 9/11 really that bad?

David A. Bell offers that he does not think 9/11 was “that bad” in a piece published yesterday in the Los Angeles Times :

IMAGINE THAT on 9/11, six hours after the assault on the twin towers and the Pentagon, terrorists had carried out a second wave of attacks on the United States, taking an additional 3,000 lives. Imagine that six hours after that, there had been yet another wave. Now imagine that the attacks had continued, every six hours, for another four years, until nearly 20 million Americans were dead. This is roughly what the Soviet Union suffered during World War II, and contemplating these numbers may help put in perspective what the United States has so far experienced during the war against terrorism.