David Beamer

‘Eric Holder’s Baffling KSM Decision’ by David Beamer

I attended the hearing this past Wednesday. My reaction is in today’s Wall Street Journal; Attorney General Holder’s Senate testimony this week did nothing to reassure the families of 9/11’s victims. Here is an excerpt and the link:

How can we be assured that these enemies will be found guilty? Given that criminal courts are now the presumed venue for those captured on the battlefield, will soldiers need to read them their rights at the time of capture? Since you wish to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis to the presumed civil venue, don’t all those captured need to be read their rights and have the opportunity to remain silent? Won’t this venue expose intelligence to our enemies? Can our classified information really be secured? Can we in fact predict how the judge will rule? If these people are brought into the country will they get additional rights under immigration law? What if they claim asylum?

The attorney general seemed bewildered in the face of these inquiries. Recurring themes in his responses included “I think,” and “I can’t imagine,” and “I am not an expert in immigration.”

Has our attorney general not considered these issues, or imagined the possible unintended consequences that will arise from his historic decision? It certainly seemed that way. If he had, he would have had better answers.

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David Beamer: Will you join me as ‘One of a Million’ for the 40 of Flight 93?

One of a Million for the 40 of Flight 93

July 16, 2008

My Fellow American,

Once upon a time it was September 11, 2001, and our homeland came under attack. On that fateful Tuesday morning 40 free people, the passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93, seized the opportunity to launch a counterattack against our enemy. Though each of the 40 — including our son Todd — was killed in action, together they succeeded in preventing the additional loss of life on the ground and, most likely, further disaster in our nation’s Capital. This day, this event, this true story of courage in action needs to be remembered and told to future generations of Americans and free people from everywhere.