David Beamer: Will you join me as ‘One of a Million’ for the 40 of Flight 93?

One of a Million for the 40 of Flight 93

July 16, 2008

My Fellow American,

Once upon a time it was September 11, 2001, and our homeland came under attack. On that fateful Tuesday morning 40 free people, the passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93, seized the opportunity to launch a counterattack against our enemy. Though each of the 40 — including our son Todd — was killed in action, together they succeeded in preventing the additional loss of life on the ground and, most likely, further disaster in our nation’s Capital. This day, this event, this true story of courage in action needs to be remembered and told to future generations of Americans and free people from everywhere.

Excellent plans have been created for a permanent memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The memorial will commemorate the battleground and the burial ground of those who fought back. I am contacting you to ask that you join the many people who have worked, sacrificed, and supported this project. Beyond your personal support, I ask that you contact your entire network of friends, family and associates to seek their support as well. Let us unite a million Americans and complete this memorial.

The attached images of the Flight 93 National Memorial plans and the table below provide an overview of the project, the costs of each phase and the targeted construction timeline. Implementation of each phase will not commence until funds are on hand.

Fund raising overview of the Flight 93 National Memorial project

I am convinced that if 40 free people can plan and successfully execute a victorious counter-attack in less than an hour, then a great host of their fellow Americans can surely rally to construct a lasting memorial in less than ten years.

My exhortation to you, and everyone you know, is to make a little sacrifice in support of this project. The 40 of Flight 93 made a one-time big sacrifice. If a million free people would make a little sacrifice, this befitting memorial would become a reality. Gifts are tax-deductible and details about how to contribute are attached.

Will you join me as “One of a Million for the 40 of Flight 93” in personal support of this project? Will you encourage your entire network to do likewise? I truly hope you will.


David L. Beamer


Editor — To download details about how to contribute as a Word document click here. Originally published Aug 6, 2008.

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