Adam Kokesh ‘runs’ for Congress; is an antiwar activist seeking to return Ben Lujan to the House?

Ben Lujan (D) — Tom Mullins (R) — Adam Kokesh (?)

Incumbent U.S. Congressman Ben Lujan (D-NM, 3) tobacco essay topics enter follow link dissertation prospectus viagra business model college scholarships writing essays follow site source link essay about relationship follow link enter site priligy brand faster way to absorb viagra hills like white elephants thesis click wikipedia thesis statement source site dissertation writing services enter a dissertation get link source link thesis vs genesis 2015 was once considered ‘safe’ to win reelection to Congress. Yet Lujan voted for bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed here for federal trial, the health care bill, Cap and Trade, and the TARP bailout. In the only recent poll, a Democrat pollster now finds Lujan’s lead over main Republican rival Tom Mullins has narrowed to within the margin of error, 40 to 36.

Adam Kokesh running as a Republican in the primary against Mullins and his trailing Lujan only 40 to 32 are both far harder to explain.

Is Kokesh a grass roots fiscal conservative or an antiwar activist masquerading as a conservative-libertarian to deceive the people of New Mexico? Before voters there decide, perhaps they should review his multiple arrests — including for smuggling home a firearm — in addition to his anti-war protests while in uniform, anti-military recruitment actions, and travel to an allied nation to encourage U.S. soldiers stationed there to go AWOL.

According to the Washington Examiner, Kokesh was busted after his tour in Iraq;

He was supposed to go to Iraq a second time, but was demoted from sergeant to corporal and not allowed to return after it was learned that he brought a pistol back after his first tour in 2004. [Hat tip to This Ain’t Hell.]

On September 1, 2007, Kokesh called for help from Veterans For Peace with an upcoming antiwar “die-in” in Washington, D.C. Kokesh was arrested there on September 6, 2007 for defacing public property (here is the video). On September 15, while 10,000 of so A.N.S.W.E.R.-led students “died” on the Capitol’s west lawn, Kokesh was again arrested when he, Code Pink, and perhaps thirty more crossed the police line.

In mid-May 2007, Kokesh traveled to Germany where he and another Inactive Reservist brought an unauthorized civilian onto a U.S. military base. He then entered a crowded dining facility. Kokesh himself recounted the “IVAW German Expeditionary Team … base action” and his reading aloud a letter from “the people of Ansbach” to soldiers there, many of whom who would soon deploy to Iraq:

If any of you should decide to leave the Army while in Germany and throw down your arms, the people of Ansbach will support you and do our best to provide you with aid, comfort, and sanctuary. We wish to build a new relationship between the people of Germany and the people of America on the basis of peace, reconciliation, and understanding. [Unfortunately, someone at IVAW no longer wants New Mexico to see the video they once so proudly posted on YouTube. Kokesh’s Iraq Veterans Against the War post is reprinted here, his original post is here [Note June 2, 2011: The orginal narrative by Adam Kokesh has been changed to unrelated commentary] and I have the screen shots just in case they decide to hide it as well.]

Two weeks later, Kokesh was back in D.C. acting nothing like a new-age founding father:

[T]he Marines have launched investigations of three inactive reservists for wearing their uniforms during antiwar protests and allegedly making statements characterized as “disrespectful” or “disloyal.” Two of them were part of the guerrilla theater squad of 13 Iraq Veterans Against the War who roamed Capitol Hill and downtown Washington in March, clad in camouflage and carrying imaginary weapons, to mark the fourth anniversary of the Iraq war. A Washington Post story about that protest is part of the evidence gathered by Marine lawyers. … Upon learning he was being investigated for wearing his uniform during the mock patrol, Kokesh wrote an e-mail to the investigating officer, Maj. John Whyte. The combat veteran discussed his service and his critique of the war, and asked this officer assigned to look into his “possible violation” of wearing his uniform: “We’re at war. Are you doing all you can?” He concluded with an obscene recommendation about what Whyte should go do. This earned him the count for a “disrespectful statement.” [Kokesh was discharged ‘under general conditions‘.]

Over the Columbus Day weekend 2007, Kokesh and six other students tacked up racist anti-Islamic posters around the campus of George Washington University with “Brought to you by Students for Conservativo-Fascism Awareness” across the bottom. GWU was “dismayed” at the “satire” to mock the sponsors of Conservative Awareness Week 2007.

Band of Mothers founder and Blue Star mom Bev Perlson has witnessed Kokesh’s anti-recruiting and antiwar efforts:

I remember Kokesh when he brought a whole busload of members of World Can’t Wait, ANSWER, SDS, to disrupt the recruiting station at 14th & I Street in Washington, DC. They ran around in circles out in front of the recruiting station that day yelling silly slogans against our Soldiers and the War. Their antics caused about 7 members of the Metro Police to have to stand guard out in front of the station for hours. How’s that for how he disrupts the recruiters, the city and wastes our tax dollars. I remember Kokesh when he tried to stage a re-enactment of the Winter Soldier testimony of the traitor John Kerry days! We disrupted both of these events and the Winter Soldier nonsense was a debacle. Adam Kokesh is a phony who reinvents himself yearly.

Ron Paul can’t let a denouncement of Kokesh by a Tea Party group go unanswered:

Adam Kokesh under fire on Glenn Beck’s 9/12 site (updated)

Liberty candidates are under fire on all fronts. Even from groups that claim to be for liberty and the Constitution. On the main page of the 9/12 Project’s website, and again in its New Mexico forum are topics named “A Traitor in Sheep’s clothing trying to deceive the Voters” … This is a hit piece on Adam Kokesh and needs to be slapped down. The thread on the New Mexico is worse than the one on the front page, but they both need to be countered. Update: For those that want to see what the attack is before going to the site, here it is.

We are writing to you to express our grave concerns about Adam Kokesh, who is aspiring to become the Republican nominee for US Congress from New Mexico’s 3rd district. Mr. Kokesh has an extensive, and well-documented history of affiliations with radical leftist groups. In concert with these groups he has engaged in numerous anti-America and anti-military demonstrations and protests. Moreover, Mr. Kokesh does not appear to have any personal qualifications that would recommend him for serious consideration as a candidate for the Republican Party. He has a significant history suggestive of poor character and judgment, and he has notable incidents of direct activism against Republican office holders. [READ THE REST yet note The Daily Paul re-posted it from 9/12’s site forum. The original is here.]

Retired U.S. Army senior NCO and combat infantry veteran Jonn Lilyea writes, “I’m not sure that Kokesh doesn’t think he’s a Republican. The Paulians are convinced that they can change the party and I think that’s what his real goal is.” Makes perfect sense to me. Yet even if Kokesh loses the June 1 primary, he can register as an independent candidate, be on the ballot in November, and attempt to bleed support away from Tom Mullins so Ben Lujan returns to Congress.

I don’t know Mullins from Adam yet perhaps voters in New Mexico’s 3rd District will soon sort out the saints from the sinners in that race.

Update, March 10, 2010: Michelle Malkin linked over from her post today, ‘Adam Kokesh: An anti-war smear merchant in “Republican” clothing.’

  30 comments for “Adam Kokesh ‘runs’ for Congress; is an antiwar activist seeking to return Ben Lujan to the House?

  1. March 10, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    I too was witness to the souless behavior of the left at the Sept 15 07 DC events. I watched as the left marched down the street and put their children walking on the perimeter in the curbs, hoping that pictures could be created of evil conservatives attacking a child, not showing the pic of course of where the conservative pro military supporters had been pushed into the street.

    Most individuals if it occurred to them to bring their kids would instinctively keep them at their side . I had to wonder where they “rented” the kids?

    As I walked with a friend up the hill away from the “march”, folks on the street said seriously nasty things to me. I am teeny and use a walker. Nice, huh?

    One wonders that if I had been 6 foot 4 and strong, would they have behaved the same. They are cowards by definition.

    I look forward every day to doing my part to expose the dishonest left. If I’m not going to expose a phony lefty, on any given day, I’m shirking my duty as an American Citizen and do not deserve the protection that our military provides. Least I can do.

  2. Marine Supporter
    March 8, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    First of all, if the best arguments you can post are ad hominem attacks agaisnt me, then you have no arguments, and are just wasting you time. I will not dignify your personal attacks on me with any further response. I have never insulted anyone here, and people like Tim Sumner and “ma_che62” have my respect for posting good and legitimate arguments.

    As for those, let’s start with the gun issue. For one, I contest the version of events you put forward, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that you’re right. The fact still is, however, that when confronted Adam admitted he was at fault and took his punishment. As for the origin of the gun, it was not stolen from Iraqi police, it was bought as a souvenir.

    As for the war declaration, that’s a point I disagree with Adam on, so I have no quarrel with you there.

    As for these accusations of threatening you and your child, if they are true, I’d like to see more proof than your own hearsay. You have already proven through your liberal use of ad hominem attacks on me that you will say anything to prove a point.

    If anyone has any more points or questions, I am more than happy to try to answer them, and will treat you with the same respect you treat me.

  3. March 6, 2010 at 5:55 am

    I meant to mention, also…God bless you, Bev. I know your story, and I believe you know Gregg, who is a friend of mine, and what you have been inspired to accomplish means a great deal to me-and I was a rear-support troop in Desert Storm, not front-line.

    Bless you, ma’am…

  4. March 6, 2010 at 5:41 am

    I trust this Marine Supporter character no more or less than I do Kokesh himself,and that’s nil. He (‘it’, really) is a petulant PUNK. (Which do I mean? BOTH.) How either of them survived boot camp escapes me, except that even the Marines have their recruitment quotas, I suppose, and have to take the dregs with the good here and there. We can but hope they do no harm to America’s security.

    Gotta give this Koke(head)creep credit for having the stones to run GOP…he knows the Dems are screwed come November.

  5. March 5, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    To Marine Supporter:

    Your words dismay me the Marine you say you are:

    I disagree with them entirely on his positions regarding the war. But I trust this man to represent me if he makes it into office, something I cannot say about any one else in this race?

    I am confused that you say that many in the 82nd Airborne support Kokesh. My Son did 4 deployments with the 82nd and I really find this hard to believe. These are Warriors who would not bother themselves with someone who runs around with Code Pink, World Can’t Wait, ANSWER, SDS and IVAW!

    C’mon now, cut it out!

    • March 6, 2010 at 6:18 am

      That guy is thoroughly suffused with kimche, to put it as nicely as I can manage. Don’t let a troll get to you, I would add, but by now I imagine you’re a pro as far as that goes.

  6. Chris Hill
    March 5, 2010 at 6:55 am

    Adam propogated the myth that I had attacked a Gold Star Father at his infamous die-in, then posted a literal threat of bodily injury, if not outright death against me. That threat got extended out by Kokesh supporters to include my then 3 year old child. When I confronted Kokesh about these actions he did not take up the threat, nor did he express any misgivings that someone would threaten my child. Instead, he told me he “could not be held resposible for what his supporters did or did not do.” Since then he has defaced federal property multiple times, broken laws regarding entering military reservations, called for desertion of American troops, and called for “revolution in the streets,” literally. In fact, he and I exchanged emails about that revolution and the final result was that it was hoped we did not see each other over a pair of open sights, but if we did that it was “inshallah” God’s Will, his words.

    Now, we are expected to believe that Kokesh has had an awakening and is a republican intent on reforming Congress. Nothing could be further from the truth. Adam is just doing what Adam does: trying to promote Adam and enrich himself at the same time. It’s disgusting. By all accounts, his service while in Iraq was admirable, even above average. I can only wonder what went wrong after he returned to send him on this trajectory. I can only presume his abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol, coupled with his admitted mental issues has clouded his thoughts. Sorry Adam, but this dog just don’t hunt. You are not a republican, but rather a fraud and it is surely pathetic to see.

  7. Soapbox
    March 4, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Adam, can in fact, be very charming; some may even say charismatic but here are some FACTS. Adam is a liar, a cheat & by his own admission, a thief. Beyond that he also threatened a very close friend of mine and when confronted face to face acted exactly as you would expect a coward to act! But it gets even better. In 2008 one of Adam’s cronies, followeres, supporters, what ever you may choose to call them, threatened this same friend’s preschool aged child. Now while I may not be able to prove Adam had knowledge of or anything to do with this, I find it interesting that when my friend confronted him, Adam somehow knew the gender of the child. Lucky guess or is there, as I suspect, something much more troubling here? Based on my dealings with the IVAW, I know how I’d answer that question.

    • langoley
      March 5, 2010 at 3:31 am

      Soapbox,I don’t know how it works in your “neck of the woods” but around here he and his friend both would have been found trying to steal more LOG CHAIN than they could swim with if they had threatened a child!!!I know I am about 1200 miles east of you but things shouldn’t be that much different.Mabye a LONG walk in the desert with a VERY small water bottle???

  8. For the Truth
    March 4, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Please attend the GOP convention at the Albuquerque Hilton on March 13. If Kokesh fails to get 20% of the delegate’s votes, he could be kept off the primary ballot. NM Republicans know nothing of his past. Let them know!

  9. ma_che62
    March 4, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    Dear “Marine Supporter”. Bush did obtain Congress’s declaration of war. The Iraq Resolution or the Iraq War (formally the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 [1], Pub.L. 107-243, 116 Stat. 1498, enacted October 16, 2002, H.J.Res. 114) is a joint resolution (i.e., a law) passed by the United States Congress in October 2002 as Public Law No: 107-243, authorizing the Iraq War. That is a delcaration of war. The Constitution does not prescribe ANY specific form or wording from Congress. So what the hell do you think the above resolution was all about? Of course it was a declcaration of war.

  10. Jim Diehl USN 65-71
    March 4, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    People of New Mexico BEWARE,,BEWARE,,BEWARE!!!!! Adam Kokesh is a MARXIST plant…He is NOT a conservative…I know,,I have personally faced him off many times while he was with IVAW,,ANSWER,,Code Pink,,SDS and other Anti-American Communist supported groups……Jim Diehl “Gathering Of Eagles”

  11. Jim Diehl USN 65-71
    March 4, 2010 at 10:34 am

    To Marine Supporter,,If you would check the records on Kokesh you would find that the gun found in Kokesh’s possession was NOT a war souvenir picked up on the field of battle (something he never did) but was Stolen from the Iraqi Police…

  12. AllAcrossAmerica
    March 4, 2010 at 10:26 am

    The Benedict Arnold of the day odare I say John Kerrey!!!! This liar should voice cannot be taken with an ounce of creditability. Anyone associating with scum like Code Pink that under minds our courageous military personnel…well I can’t print it here or they would not allow me to post.

    Traitors come in all sizes and shapes – this P.O.S is at the top of the list.

  13. March 3, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    I was at the Capital on September 15, 2007 when ANSWER, Code Poink, SDS, several thousand avowed communists and Adam Kokesh pitched their anti-war hissy fit. I was there as a member of the Gathering of Eagles, assigned to stand with and protect a group of Gold Star moms who were protesting the use of their fallen sons’ images and names by Adam’s comrades.

    You would assume that Gold Star moms would need no protection, that they could expect nothing but respect from any American, right? Wrong. I watched and listened to those vile creatures as they marched past, shouting and cursing at these ladies. They spat, and jeered. They yelled “your son got what he deserved”.

    We were several hundred American patriots, surrounded by thousands of anti-American leftists. I argued with punks that were mad that I called them commies, they told me I had no right to call them that – even though they carried Soviet flags.

    Adam Kokesh was not just one of them, he was one of their leaders. He marched with anarchists, communists and troop-haters.

    Now he’s a conservative Republican tea-partier? Oh hell no, I am not stupid. Said Fletcher to the Union Senator, “There’s another old saying Senator … don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

    Kokesh is a narcissistic, opportunistic parasite. He will take sides with whoever, whatever makes him feel good at the moment. That he has the backing of the Ron Paul cult is fitting, peas in pods.

    Tim Sumner — Hey Bubba. Well said. And I was proud to be among those there with you on that day and saw much of what you saw; I took that photo of the “dead” sunbathers at the Capitol. We ain’t through with Kokesh and kompany yet.

  14. Marine Supporter
    March 3, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    I appologize for not leaving this as a reply thread, I couldn’t figure out how.

    As for what Tim Summers said:
    To start out, yes I do copy and paste PARTS of my respones on other blogs. These “talking points” are my own (I am not being spoonfed by the campaign if that’s what you were thinking). Others have copied my posts in their entirety; I cannot help that. My post are on many different blogs, and quite honestly very few people go around to multiple blogs each day for one issue and comment (I guess me and you are the exceptions). Besides, the fact that I say the same thing about my beliefs to different people shows I truly believe in what I am saying, and at the very least would like an intelligent debate ont he matter, rather than a degenerative string of lies and ad hominem attacks. To those ends, I thank you for posting an intelligent comment. So yes, I (and others) repost my comments, but they are my own beliefs, and as this post shows, I do have original thought.

    Now for your point about the weapon. For one, military members from all branches have brought home numerous souvenires from war, often against the letter of the law. I scarcely know a man who has been deployed and has not. But you are correct in that Aam kokesh did in fact break the law in doing so, and furthermor did not secure the weapon properly. But you do englect his actions afterward. Adam quite simply could not have reported the theft, as many would have done. Instead he filed a report for it, and when the time came for his superiors to discipline him, he was honest and accepted his jsut punishment, a punishment he could have easily avoided. He knew full well, as I do, that he would in all likelihood face a demotion, and that such a penalty would lead to “stagnation” (lack of advancement), which it did. As you said, this is today’s Corps. The act that he was honest and forthright in this situation shows that he has great honesty and character, something I feel is THE msot improtant thing for a man running for office to have. Like I said, his actions were wrong, and i do nottolerate such actions amongst my men. But I do know that it is fairly common for most people to make those kinds of mistakes in the Corps, just very few get got, and even fewer would own up to their actions despite the consequences like Kokesh did.

    Tim Sumner —

    Sometimes we use terms like ‘honesty’ and ‘forthright’ loosely, like you just did. Either you do not know the facts, what occurred before Kokesh “voluntarily” reported to the Marine Corps that he had smuggled a weapon back from Iraq, or you are not being honest and forthright now.

    I mean, Kokesh did not just wake up in the middle of the night and say to himself, “I’ve sinned and will report myself.” So, tell me who did Kokesh first report the weapon being stolen to and what happen before Kokesh reported it to the Corps?

    BTW, I did not say you were being fed by the campaign. I said that you had pasted the same comment here that you had posted elsewhere. So, let’s set the filibuster aside and instead talk substance.

  15. Marine Supporter
    March 3, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    As a Marine myself, I have met this man and other IVAW members. Now let me be clear, I disagree with them entirely on his positions regarding the war. But I trust this man to represent me if he makes it into office, something I cannot say about any one else in this race. And as for his stance on the war, Kokesh demands we either pull out OR declare war as the Constitution states, a stance I admire. Furthermore, Adam has stated that he himself didn’t agree with everything IVAW and other groups stood for, but decided to work with them on the issues they agreed on, so to say that because Adam worked with a possible radical group makes him a definite radical is faulty logic. I’m not the only military man who supports him either, if you will check his own blog you will find that he endorsed by many of the men and women in the 82nd Airborne, and I know plenty of my fellow Marines agree with him as well. As for his demotion, Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in history, once said “You’re not a real Marine until you’ve been busted down once or twice”. This man is a true patriot, and one who has proven that when his life was on the line in Fallujah. Please check your facts before you attempt to character assassinate a man who has served his country honorably.

    As for his opponent, I have met him personally several times as well, and quite honestly the man could not answer simple questions like “how much waste is in the new budget” (“I’m not too sure, let me get back to you on that.”) or “what’s your favorite part of the Constitution” (“I don’t know, all of it I guess”). Furthermore, the man in person has told me he feels one way about an issue (foreign aid), but then posts the opposite on his website. He has also repeatedly engaged in ad hominem attacks on Adam, such as spreading lies about Adam being pro-abortion (he isn’t), and stating that Adam isn’t Christian (what does that prove?). This something that only 3rd graders do, dfefintiely not prospective congressmen.

    From a practical standpoint, he is the only candidate for the Repulicans who remotely has a chance to defeat the Democratic candidate, so even if these accusations are true to not have Kokesh win the primary would be tantamount to Republicans losing the election yet again in this district.

    I know many of you will disagree, as you have the right to. And you have more than enough reasons to doubt. I did as well, but at least check the man out yourself, or email him. I actually got a personal reply from him directly before we even met when I had questions. The man has the background and the character to serve New Mexico in Congress, and that’s why he will have my vote.

    Semper Fi,
    A New Mexican and a Marine
    (I’d sign a real name, but I work in 02 fields)

    Tim Sumner —

    Thank you for serving our nation.

    Adam Kokesh ain’t no Chesty Puller. And this is now, today’s Marine Corps.

    Are you defending Kokesh smuggling a weapon, driving around with it in his car, bringing it onto a college campus, and failing to properly secure it in order to prevent its theft? Is that the your standard for good order and discipline, the one you set for the Marines you lead or led?

    Bring it!

    BTW, I have seen your comment cut and pasted at least two other places today. Try responding in the original here; drop the talking points.

  16. Debra Steinman
    March 3, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    He had me fooled. Now that the wool has been pulled from my eyes, my ‘support’ (and MONEY) goes to Mullins.

  17. March 3, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Beware Kokesh. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  18. Jim Diehl USN 65-71
    March 3, 2010 at 11:26 am

    People of New Mexico BEWARE,,BEWARE,,BEWARE!!!!! Adam Kokesh is a MARXIST plant…He is NOT a conservative…I know,,I have personally faced him off many times while he was with IVAW,,ANSWER,,Code Pink,,SDS and other Anti-American Communist supported groups……Jim Diehl “Gathering Of Eagles”

  19. March 3, 2010 at 10:01 am

    Adam Kokesh has actively impeded the efforts of our military recruters! Now, he thinks he can put on a suit and tie and run as a Republican! Adam has underestimated the Patriots I know who have seen him in action and witnessed his actions against our military. His attempt to recreate the Winter Soldier testimony of the traitor John Kerry was despicable and a flop! Adam Kokesh turned his back on his Brothers and we in the troop support movement NEVER FORGET those who betray their Brothers in Arms!

  20. Toothless Dawg
    March 3, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Here are links (not sure if the links will work since I’m copy/pasting) to the NM Newspapers …

    # Alamogordo Daily News [Alamogordo]
    # The Albuquerque Tribune [Albuquerque]
    # Albuquerque Journal [Albuquerque]
    # Carlsbad Current-Argus [Carlsbad]
    # Clovis News Journal [Clovis]
    # Daily Lobo [Albuquerque]
    # The Daily Times [Farmington]
    # Deming Headlight [Deming]
    # El Defensor Chieftain [Socorro]
    # Gallup Independent [Gallup]
    # The Herald [Truth or Consequences]
    # Hobbs News-Sun [Hobbs]
    # Las Cruces Sun-News [Las Cruces]
    # Los Alamos Monitor [Los Alamos]
    # Lovington Daily Leader [Lovington]
    # Mountain Monthly [Cloudcroft]
    # News-Bulletin [Belen]
    # New Mexico Business Journal [Albuquerque]
    # The New Mexico Jewish Link [Albuquerque]
    # The Observer [Rio Rancho]
    # Portales News-Tribune [Portales]
    # Roswell Daily Record [Roswell]
    # Ruidoso News [Ruidoso]
    # Sangre de Christo Chronicle [Angle Fire]
    # The Santa Fe New Mexican [Santa Fe]
    # Santa Fe Times [Santa Fe]
    # Sierra County Sentinel [Sierra County]
    # Silver City Daily Press & Independent [Silver City]
    # Taos News [Taos]
    # Timberon Mountaineer [Timberon]
    # Weekly Alibi [Albuquerque]

    Matter of fact, why don’t I just post the URL for over 3300 newspaper’s in the US …

    Hope this helps

    TD – Gathering of Eagles

    Editor — Thanks.

  21. CWO George Samek US Army Ret.
    March 3, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Very good outing of Kokesh,but will this information be spread to New Mexico voters who would not read the 9-11 web blog ?..If not I feel this would be a chance missed to inform them of Kokesh true nature prior to the NM elections.
    Might this be a great article to be translated to Spanish and posted on Hispanic web sites and newspapers?

    If we do not inform the individual New Mexico voters prior to the election we have failed in our efforts to keep another John Kerry from a position in our nations leadership, and the US military will have to face constaint attacks from their rear as they face forward in combat.

    CWO George Samek
    US Army Retired
    Vietnam Vet.

    Editor —

    All help in passing the word will be appreciated. I’m sharing the link with our contacts on the www and radio and will cross-post it at a couple places.

    I can only find one statewide newspaper in New Mexico and do not have access to a translator. If you have a suggestion on either of those, see the left sidebar for our email address and send same.

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