Minneapolis high school cancels former student’s and Iraq vets’ talk

Students skip school to see Iraq speech

CLICK ON IMAGE ... Pete Hegseth is a Minnesota, MN, native, he attended Forest Lake High School there, and graduated from Princeton University. He was awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious Service for his 2005-2006 tour of duty in Iraq where he served as an infantry Platoon Leader in Baghdad and later as a Civil-Military Operations officer in Samarra. He also served in Guantanamo Bay for a year on a security mission with his National Guard unit and currently serves in the 1-69 Infantry, New York Army National Guard as a Captain.

Minneapolis’ Channel 5 News (KSTP.com) reports:

A veteran’s bus tour featuring decorated veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is stopping in the Twin Cities today. But controversy at Forest Lake High School forced the tour to make a change in plans. Capt. Pete Hegeseth founded the group Vets for Freedom. He is an Iraq War vet and a Forest Lake High School graduate. He received word yesterday that the school did not want the bus rolling through, calling the talk too political for a public school. He said parents and an outside group threatened to protest if they came. Instead, the group spoke at the Forest Lake American Legion. Dozens of students at Forest Lake High School were so upset that they skipped school to go see the speech [emphasis added mine].

CLICK ON IMAGE to view video and news report - Forest Lake High School student Elijah Miller


Among other Iraq War veterans denied the chance to speak at Forest Lake High School was Congressional Medal of Honor nominee and Silver Star recipient David Bellavia:

CLICK ON IMAGE - Medal of Honor nominee and Silver Star recipient David Bellavia

Today, after the visit to Forest Lake High School was cancelled, Staff Sergeant Bellavia spoke with Townhall.com talk-radio host Michael Gallagher. Here is the audio:

Accompanying Hegseth and Bellavia on the Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour are:

Navy Cross recipient Marco Martinez

Navy Cross recipient Marcus Luttrell

Navy Cross recipient Jeremiah Workman

Bronze Star with 'V' device recipient Steve Russell

Michelle Malkin here and here has a lot more.

And Jim Hanson at Blackfive has this report and the following video of “…the event too dangerous for High School kids to see.”:

Go to the Vets for Freedom web site to learn more.

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  2 comments for “Minneapolis high school cancels former student’s and Iraq vets’ talk

  1. Jerry
    March 26, 2008 at 11:46 am

    I guess Freedom of Speech only goes in one direction at Forest Lake High School. I attended the kick off event in San Diego and I did not see any PLOITICAL discussion during their presentation. I did hear story’s of why we need to win the fight in Iraq, to finish the job and leave in honor. That being said, I guess the powers that be at Forest Lake High School and the parents could be afraid the students could in fact learn from our Vets the truth about our enemy. It is really funny the Vets for Freedom visited Yula High School in Los Angeles, Ca. and there were no problems with this so called PLOITICAL discussion. Forest Lake High School and their so called parents fall into the category of the Berkeley city group.

  2. Mad Monica Brown
    March 25, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    Gotta love a place where those who have put their lives on the line to give schools the freedom to teach what they will are considered too “political” or “scary” to speak.

    When are the citizens of this country going to stand up and say “ENOUGH of the political BS!” I’m proud of those students who skipped school to hear these brave men speak. God bless them all and God bless America. and God help us if those who tried to keep students blind to these men’s words succeed in shutting them up.

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