World Trade Center

FDNY operating in the South Tower on 9/11

Flight 175 just before impacting the South Tower
Flight 175 just before impacting the South Tower

“Hey Ladder 15, we got two isolated pockets of fire. We should be able to knock it down with two lines. Radio that. 78th floor, South Tower. Numerous 10-45 code ones.” — FDNY Battalion 7 Chief Orio Palmer to Ladder 15 Lieutenant Joseph Leavey, 9:55 a.m., September 11, 2001

At 9:03 a.m., on 9/11, terrorists crashed United Airlines Flight 175 into the World Trade Center’s South Tower. Four minutes later, the FDNY’s Battalion 7 Chief, his aide, and five firefighters from Ladder 15 — led by my wife’s brother — arrived in that tower’s lobby. While a FDNY City-Wide Tour Commander set up the command post there, a Deputy Chief (4 Bravo) moved from there to Tower 2’s staging area at West and Liberty Streets and the Battalion 7 Chief attempted to establish communications with the Battalion 1 Chief at the command post in the North Tower.

Battalion 7, his aide, and the five members of Ladder 15 then used a working service elevator that they had found and proceeded to the 40th floor. Their mission was to reach the fire floor, report on the situation there, and begin to direct the deployment of the additional units. This initial audio is of those firefighters, beginning at 9:07 and running through approximately 9:19 a.m. [Note: I have removed the ‘open air’ (the periods when no transmissions were made), extraneous transmissions, and several actual calls from within the South Tower from these audio recordings]:


Once they all reached the 40th floor, they began the ascent, with each carrying 60 to 80 pounds of gear. While climbing, they received a report of a way to those trapped above the fire floor from the “Director of Morgan Stanley” whom is believed to have actually been Morgan Stanley’s head of security. Ladder 15 also received a report of another plane (probably while monitoring other radio channels). Additional units began arriving on the 40th floor. This audio runs from approximately 9:21 to 9:35 a.m.


They encountered the injured and directed them to the elevator. The following are brief excerpts from the New York Times’ Accounts from the South Tower, beginning on page 9, as published on May 26, 2002: [Also see this USAToday report, September 3, 2002.]

Judy Wein, survivor: Gigi [Singer] and Judy, along with a man she had never before met [Ed Nicholls, also of Aon, who is interviewed separately] headed into the stairs. One at a time they moved down. Judy moved quickly down the stairs, so fast that she left Gigi at times behind her, one or two flights. Gigi would yell out Judy’s name on occasion, Judy announcing the floor numbers as they went down, 60, 55, 53. It was somewhere in the 50s that they encountered the first firefighter, she said. They were moving in small packs, carrying a load of heavy equipment, which clearly slowed them down. She told them that there were many injured people on the 78th floor, please help them. And they continued up. They told her to keep going down to the 40th floor, where there was an elevator bank. Her legs were trembling by the time she got there. She encountered two security guards and a firefighter, they told her to calm down. Not to rush. Take her time. But Judy just wanted to get out. An elevator came. Within another 10 minutes, they were outside. She was in the ambulance. The door was closed. She heard a noise. She turned to look. The south tower was coming down.

Ling Young, survivor: At the 51st floor, she met two firemen, and one of them decided to go down with her. She wasn’t aware of the fact that he had joined her until they got to the 40th floor, when he told her they could take the service elevator the rest of the way. She got out to Church Street, where she was placed in an ambulance. Moments after the ambulance pulled away to take her to a hospital, the tower she had been in fell to the ground.

Ed Nicholls, survivor: “These two guys came over. They were trying to figure out, because the fire was getting so bad. We knew we had to get out of there.” “The fire was not too far from us. We were watching it burn. It was decided between these two guys, one of them said, `Lets go back over to the other side where they came from.’ He thought that might be the best way to get down.” The other guy said “No, I don’t think so, I think there is a stairway over here. At this point it was getting very smoky.” One of those men pointed to the stairwell. [Other accounts say this man was wearing a red handkerchief] This was to be the route to safety. “And then the three of us, myself, Gigi and Judy headed toward that stairwell and started to go down the stairs.”

They continued to climb, attempted to find an elevator that terminated below the fire, and relayed to each other what they saw and who they found. More firefighters came up on their radio channel and, along with at least one NYPD Emergency Services Unit, were coming up the stairs behind them to assist. This audio runs from 9:37 a.m. to 9:50 a.m., approximately:


They reached the fire floor, witnessed the devastation, fought fires, found the way to those trapped above, and called for more units. This audio begins about 9:52 a.m:


South Tower Collapses 9:59 a.m.

The audio went silent at 9:59 a.m., when the South Tower collapsed.

We will never forget.


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Originally posted September 9, 2007.

The heroes and victims of 9/11 – 2,978 men, women, and children

Please take whatever time you need to remember them all.

Anna Allison AA 11
David Lawrence Angell AA 11
Mary Lynn Edwards Angell AA 11
Seima David Aoyama AA 11
Flight Attendant Barbara Jean Arestegui AA 11
Myra Joy Aronson AA 11
Christine Barbuto AA 11
Carolyn Beug AA 11
Kelly Ann Booms AA 11
Carol Marie Bouchard AA 11
Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey AA 11
Flight Attendant Jeffrey Dwayne Collman AA 11
Jeffrey W. Coombs AA 11
Tara Kathleen Creamer AA 11
Thelma Cuccinello AA 11
Patrick Joseph Currivan AA 11
Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green AA 11
Brian Paul Dale AA 11
David Dimeglio AA 11
Donald Americo Ditullio AA 11
Alberto Dominguez AA 11
Paige Marie Farley-Hackel AA 11
Alexander Milan Filipov AA 11
Carol Ann Flyzik AA 11
Paul J Friedman AA 11
Karleton D.B. Fyfe AA 11
Peter Alan Gay AA 11
Linda M. George AA 11
Edmund Glazer AA 11
Lisa Reinhart Gordenstein AA 11
Peter Paul Hashem AA 11
Robert Jay Hayes AA 11
Edward R. Hennessy Jr. AA 11
John A. Hofer AA 11
Cora Hidalgo Holland AA 11
John Nicholas Humber, Jr. AA 11
Waleed Joseph Iskandar AA 11
John Charles Jenkins AA 11
Charles Edward Jones AA 11
Robin Lynne Kaplan AA 11
Barbara A. Keating AA 11
David P Kovalcin AA 11
Judith Camilla Larocque AA 11
Flight Attendant Sara Elizabeth Low AA 11
Flight Attendant Karen Ann Martin AA 11
First Officer Thomas F. McGuinness Jr. AA 11
Christopher D Mello AA 11
Jeffrey Peter Mladenik AA 11
Carlos Alberto Montoya AA 11
Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes AA 11
Laura Lee Morabito AA 11
Mildred Rose Naiman AA 11
Laurie Ann Neira AA 11
Renee Lucille Newell AA 11
Flight Attendant Kathleen Ann Nicosia AA 11
Jacqueline June Norton AA 11
Robert Grant Norton AA 11
Captain (pilot) John A. Ogonowski AA 11
Flight Attendant Betty Ann Ong AA 11
Jane M. Orth AA 11
Thomas Nicholas Pecorelli AA 11
Berinthia B. Perkins AA 11
Sonia M Puopolo AA 11
David E. Retik AA 11
Flight Attendant Jean Destrehan Roger AA 11
Philip Martin Rosenzweig AA 11
Richard Barry Ross AA 11
Jessica Leigh Sachs AA 11
Rahma Salie AA 11
Heather Lee Smith AA 11
Flight Attendant Dianne Bullis Snyder AA 11
Douglas Joel Stone AA 11
Xavier Suarez AA 11
Flight Attendant Madeline Amy Sweeney AA 11
Michael Theodoridis AA 11
James Anthony Trentini AA 11
Mary Barbara Trentini AA 11
Pendyala Vamsikrishna AA 11
Mary Alice Wahlstrom AA 11
Kenneth E. Waldie AA 11
John Joseph Wenckus AA 11
Candace Lee Williams AA 11
Christopher Rudolph Zarba, Jr. AA 11
Paul Wesley Ambrose AA 77
Yeneneh Betru AA 77
Mary Jane Booth AA 77
Bernard Curtis Brown II AA 77
Captain (pilot) Charles Frank Burlingame III AA 77 Navy (retired)
Suzanne Marie Calley AA 77
William E. Caswell AA 77
First Officer David Michael Charlebois AA 77
Sarah Miller Clark AA 77
Asia Sivon Cottom AA 77
James Daniel Debeuneure AA 77
Rodney Alonzo Dickens AA 77
Eddie Augustus Dillard AA 77
LCDR Charles Albert Droz II AA 77 Navy (retired)
Barbara G. Edwards AA 77
Charles Stevens Falkenberg AA 77
Dana Falkenberg AA 77
Zoe Elizabeth Falkenberg AA 77
James Joseph Ferguson Jr. AA 77
Darlene Ellen Flagg AA 77
RADM Wilson Falor Flagg AA 77 Navy (retired)
Richard Peter Gabriel Jr. AA 77
Ian John Gray AA 77
Stanley Rylon Hall AA 77
Flight Attendant Michelle Heidenberger AA 77
Bryan Creed Jack AA 77
Steven Donald Jacoby AA 77
Ann Marie Judge AA 77
Chandler Raymond Keller AA 77
Yvonne Estelle Kennedy AA 77
Norma Khan AA 77
Karen Ann Kincaid AA 77
Dong Chul Lee AA 77
Flight Attendant Jennifer Pennock Lewis AA 77
Flight Attendant Kenneth Eugene Lewis AA 77
Flight Attendant Renee Ann May AA 77
Dora Marie Menchaca AA 77
Christopher Cairo Newton AA 77
Barbara B. Olson AA 77
Ruben Salang Ornedo AA 77
Robert Bruce Penninger AA 77
Zandra Flores Ploger AA 77
Robert Riis Ploger III AA 77
Lisa Joy Raines AA 77
Todd Hayes Reuben AA 77
John Paul Sammartino AA 77
Diane Marie Simmons AA 77
George Washington Simmons Jr. AA 77
Mari-Rae Sopper AA 77
Robert Scott Speisman AA 77
Norma Lang Steuerle AA 77
Hilda Elizabeth Taylor AA 77
Leonard Edward Taylor AA 77
Sandra Dawn Teague AA 77
Leslie Ann Whittington AA 77
CAPT John David Yamnicky Sr. AA 77 Navy (retired)
Vicki Linn Yancey AA 77
Shuyin Yang AA 77
Yuguang Zheng AA 77
SPC Craig Scott Amundson Pentagon Army
YN3 Melissa Rose Barnes Pentagon Navy
MSG Max J. Beilke Pentagon Army (retired)
IT2 Kris Bishundat Pentagon Navy
Carrie Rosette Blagburn Pentagon
COL Canfield Demotte Boone Pentagon Army
Donna Marie Bowen Pentagon
Allen P. Boyle Pentagon
ET3 Christopher Lee Burford Pentagon Navy
ET3 Daniel Martin Caballero Pentagon Navy
SFC Jose Orlando Calderon-Olmedo Pentagon Army
Angelene C. Carter Pentagon
Sharon Ann Carver Pentagon
SFC John Joseph Chada Pentagon Army (retired)
Rose M. Chapa Pentagon
Julian T. Cooper Pentagon
LCDR Eric Allen Cranford Pentagon Navy
Ada Marie Davis Pentagon
CAPT Gerald Francis DeConto Pentagon Navy
LTC Jerry D. Dickerson Jr. Pentagon Army
IT1 Johnnie Doctor Pentagon Navy
CDR Robert E. Dolan Pentagon Navy
CDR William Howard Donovan Jr. Pentagon Navy
CDR Patrick Dunn Pentagon Navy
AG1 Edward Thomas Earhart Pentagon Navy
LCDR Robert Randolph Elseth Pentagon Navy
SK3 Jamie Lynn Fallon Pentagon Navy
Amelia V. Fields Pentagon
Gerald P. Fisher Pentagon
AG2 Matthew Michael Flocco Pentagon Navy
Sandra Nadine Foster Pentagon
CAPT Lawrence Daniel Getzfred Pentagon Navy
Cortez Ghee Pentagon
Brenda Colbert Gibson Pentagon
COL Ron Golinski Pentagon Army (retired)
Diane Hale-McKinzy Pentagon
Carolyn B. Halmon Pentagon
Sheila Mae Stearns Hein Pentagon
ET1 Ronald J. Hemenway Pentagon Navy
MAJ Wallace Cole Hogan Jr. Pentagon Army
SSG Jimmie Ira Holley Pentagon Army (retired)
Angela Marie Houtz Pentagon
Brady Kay Howell Pentagon
Peggie Maxine Hurt Pentagon
LTC Stephen Neil Hyland Jr. Pentagon Army
LTC Robert J. Hymel Pentagon Air Force (ret)
SGM Lacey Bernard Ivory Pentagon Army
LTC Dennis Michael Johnson Pentagon Army
Judith Jones Pentagon
Brenda Kegler Pentagon
LT Michael Scott Lamana Pentagon Navy
David William Laychak Pentagon
Samantha L. Lightbourn-Allen Pentagon
MAJ Stephen Vernon Long Pentagon Army
James T. Lynch Pentagon
Terence Michael Lynch Pentagon
OS2 Nehamon Lyons IV Pentagon Navy
Shelley A. Marshall Pentagon
Teresa Marie Martin Pentagon
Ada Lee Mason-Acker Pentagon
LTC Dean Elroy Mattson Pentagon Army
LTG Timothy Joseph Maude Pentagon Army
Robert James Maxwell Pentagon
Molly L. McKenzie Pentagon
Patricia Elizabeth Mickley Pentagon
MAJ Ronald Dutrell Milam Pentagon Army
Gerard Patrick Moran Jr, Pentagon
Odessa V. Morris Pentagon
ET2 Brian Anthony Moss Pentagon Navy
Teddington Hamm Moy Pentagon
LCDR Patrick J. Murphy Pentagon Navy
Khang Ngoc Nguyen Pentagon
DM2 Michael Allen Noeth Pentagon Navy
Diane Beatriz Padro Pentagon
SPC Chin Sun Pak Wells Pentagon Army
LT Jonas M. Panik Pentagon Navy
MAJ Clifford Leon Patterson Jr. Pentagon Army
LTjg Darin Howard Pontell Pentagon Navy
Scott A. Powell Pentagon
CAPT Jack Duane Punches Jr. Pentagon Navy (retired)
AW1 Joseph John Pycior Jr. Pentagon Navy
Deborah Ann Ramsaur Pentagon
Rhonda Rasmussen Pentagon
IT1 Marsha Dianah Ratchford Pentagon Navy
Martha Magdalene Reszke Pentagon
Cecelia Elizabeth Richard Pentagon
Edward Veld Rowenhorst Pentagon
Judy Rowlett Pentagon
SGM Robert Errol Russell Pentagon Army (retired)
CW4 William Roderick Ruth Pentagon Navy
Charles E. Sabin Pentagon
Marjorie C. Salamone Pentagon
LTC David Martin Scales Pentagon Army
CDR Robert Allan Schlegel Pentagon Navy
Janice M. Scott Pentagon
LTC Micahel Lee Selves Pentagon Army (retired)
Marian Teresa Serva Pentagon
CDR Dan Frederic Shanower Pentagon Navy
Antionette Maria Sherman Pentagon
Donald Dean Simmons Pentagon
Cheryke D. Sincock Pentagon
ITC Greg Harold Smallwood Pentagon Navy
LTC Gary Francis Smith Pentagon Army (retired)
Patricia J. Statz Pentagon
Edna Lee Stephens Pentagon
SGM Larry Lee Strickland Pentagon Army
MAJ Kip Paul Taylor Pentagon Army
Sandra Carol Taylor Pentagon
LTC Karl W. Teepe Pentagon Army (retired)
SGT Tamara Ciara Thurman Pentagon Army
LCDR Otis Vincent Tolbert Pentagon Navy
SSG Willie Quincy Troy Pentagon Army (retired)
LCDR Ronald J. Vauk Pentagon Navy
LTC Karen Jay Wagner Pentagon Army
Meta Louise Waller Pentagon
SSG Maudlyn Alberta White Pentagon
Sandra L. White Pentagon
Ernest Mark Willcher Pentagon
LCDR David Lucian Williams Pentagon Navy
MAJ Dwayne Williams Pentagon Army
RMC Marvin Roger Woods Pentagon Navy (retired)
IT2 Kevin Wayne Yokum Pentagon Navy
ITC Donald McArthur Young Pentagon Navy
Lisa L. Young Pentagon
Edmond Young Jr. Pentagon
Alona Abraham UA 175
Daniel Raymond Brandhorst UA 175
David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst UA 175
John Brett Cahill UA 175
Christoffer Mikael Carstanjen UA 175
John J. Corcoran III UA 175
Dorothy Alma de Araujo UA 175
Flight Attendant Robert John Fangman UA 175
Lisa Anne Frost UA 175
Ronald Gamboa UA 175
Lynn Catherine Goodchild UA 175
Peter M. Goodrich UA 175
Douglas Alan Gowell UA 175
Francis Edward Grogan UA 175
Carl Max Hammond, Jr. UA 175
Christine Lee Hanson UA 175
Peter Burton Hanson UA 175
Sue Kim Hanson UA 175
Gerald Francis Hardacre UA 175
Eric Hartono UA 175
James Edward Hayden UA 175
Herbert Wilson Homer UA 175
First Officer Michael Robert Horrocks UA 175
Robert Adrien Jalbert UA 175
Flight Attendant Amy N Jarret UA 175
Ralph Francis Kershaw UA 175
Heinrich Kimmig UA 175
Flight Attendant Amy R. King UA 175
Brian K. Kinney UA 175
Flight Attendant Kathryn L. LaBorie UA 175
Robert G. Leblanc UA 175
Maclovio Lopez, Jr. UA 175
Marianne MacFarlane UA 175
Flight Attendant Alfred Gilles Marchand UA 175
Louis Neil Mariani UA 175
Juliana Valentine McCourt UA 175
Ruth Magdaline McCourt UA 175
Deborah Louise Medwig UA 175
Wolfgang Peter Menzel UA 175
Shawn M Nassaney UA 175
Marie Pappalardo UA 175
Ana Gloria Pocasangre Debarrera UA 175
Patrick J. Quigley IV UA 175
Frederick Charles Rimmele III UA 175
James Michael Roux UA 175
Jesus Sanchez UA 175
Captain (pilot) Victor J. Saracini UA 175
Mary Kathleen Shearer UA 175
Robert M. Shearer UA 175
Jane Louise Simpkin UA 175
Brian David Sweeney UA 175
Flight Attendant Michael C. Tarrou UA 175
Flight Attendant Alicia Nicole Titus UA 175
Timothy Ray Ward UA 175
William Michael Weems UA 175
Christian Adams UA 93
Flight Attendant Lorraine Grace Bay UA 93
Todd M. Beamer UA 93
Alan Anthony Beaven UA 93
Gerald Kendall Bingham UA 93
Deora Frances Bodley UA 93
Flight Attendant Sandra W. Bradshaw UA 93
Marion Ruth Britton UA 93
Thomas Edward Burnett Jr. UA 93
William Joseph Cashman UA 93
Georgine Rose Corrigan UA 93
Patricia Cushing UA 93
Captain (pilot) Jason Matthew Dahl UA 93
Joseph DeLuca UA 93
Patrick Joseph Driscoll UA 93
Edward Porter Felt UA 93
Jane Claire Folger UA 93
Colleen Laura Fraser UA 93
Andrew Garcia UA 93
Jeremy Logan Glick UA 93
Olga Kristin Gould UA 93
Lauren Ann Grandcolas UA 93
Flight Attendant Wanda A. Green UA 93
Donald F. Greene UA 93
Linda Kristine Gronlund UA 93
Richard Jerry Guadagno UA 93
First Officer LeRoy Wilton Homer Jr. UA 93
Toshiya Kuge UA 93
Flight Attendant Ceecee Louise Lyles UA 93
Hilda Marcin UA 93
Waleska Martinez UA 93
Nicole Carol Miller UA 93
Louis Joseph Nacke II UA 93
Donald Arthur Peterson UA 93
Jean Hoadley Peterson UA 93
Mark Rothenberg UA 93
Christine Anne Snyder UA 93
John Talignani UA 93
Honor Elizabeth Wainio UA 93
Flight Attendant Deborah Anne Welsh UA 93
Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr. WTC
Edelmiro Abad WTC
Maria Rose Abad WTC
Andrew Anthony Abate WTC
Vincent Abate WTC
Laurence Christopher Abel WTC
William F. Abrahamson WTC
Richard Anthony Aceto WTC
Heinrich Bernhard Ackermann WTC
Paul Acquaviva WTC
Donald LaRoy Adams WTC
Patrick Adams WTC
Shannon Lewis Adams WTC
Stephen George Adams WTC
Ignatius Udo Adanga WTC
Christy A. Addamo WTC
Terence E. Adderley, Jr. WTC
Sophia B Addo WTC
Lee Adler WTC
Daniel Thomas Afflitto WTC
Emmanuel Akwasi Afuakwah WTC
Alok Agarwal WTC
Mukul Kumar Agarwala WTC
LT Joseph Agnello WTC FDNY
David Scott Agnes WTC
Joao Alberto da Fonseca Aguiar, Jr. WTC
LT Brian G. Ahearn WTC FDNY
Jeremiah Joseph Ahern WTC
Joanne Marie Ahladiotis WTC
Shabbir Ahmed WTC
Terrance Andre Aiken WTC
Godwin Ajala WTC
Gertrude M. Alagero WTC
Andrew Alameno WTC
Margaret Ann Alario WTC
Gary M Albero WTC
Jon Leslie Albert WTC
Peter Craig Alderman WTC
Jacquelyn Delaine Aldridge WTC
David D. Alger WTC
Ernest Alikakos WTC
Edward L. Allegretto WTC
FF Eric Allen WTC FDNY
Joseph Ryan Allen WTC
FF Richard Dennis Allen WTC FDNY
Richard L. Allen WTC
Christopher E. Allingham WTC
Janet M. Alonso WTC
Anthony Alvarado WTC
Antonio Javier Alvarez WTC
Victoria Alvarez-Brito WTC
Telmo E. Alvear WTC
Cesar Amoranto Alviar WTC
Tariq Amanullah WTC
Angelo Amaranto WTC
Bn Chief James M. Amato WTC FDNY
Joseph Amatuccio WTC
PO Christopher Charles Amoroso WTC PAPD
Kazuhiro Anai WTC
FF Calixto Anaya, Jr. WTC FDNY
Joseph Anchundia WTC
Kermit Charles Anderson WTC
Yvette Constance Anderson WTC
John Andreacchio WTC
Michael Rourke Andrews WTC
Jean Ann Andrucki WTC
Siew-Nya Ang WTC
FF Joseph John Angelini, Jr. WTC FDNY
FF Joseph Angelini, Sr. WTC FDNY
Laura Angilletta WTC
Doreen J. Angrisani WTC
Lorraine Antigua WTC
Peter Paul Apollo WTC
FF Faustino Apostol, Jr. WTC FDNY
Frank Thomas Aquilino WTC
Patrick Michael Aranyos WTC
FF David Gregory Arce WTC FDNY
Michael George Arczynski WTC
Louis Arena WTC
Adam P Arias WTC
Michael Armstrong WTC
Jack Charles Aron WTC
Joshua Aron WTC
Richard Avery Aronow WTC
Japhet Jesse Aryee WTC
FF Carl Francis Asaro WTC FDNY
Michael Asciak WTC
Michael Edward Asher WTC
Janice Marie Ashley WTC
Thomas J Ashton WTC
Manuel O. Asitimbay WTC
LT Gregg Arthur Atlas WTC FDNY
FF Gerald Thomas Atwood WTC FDNY
James Audiffred WTC
Louis Frank Aversano, Jr. WTC
Ezra Aviles WTC
Sandy Ayala WTC
Arlene T. Babakitis WTC
Eustace P Bacchus WTC
John J. Badagliacca WTC
Jane Ellen Baeszler WTC
Robert J. Baierwalter WTC
Andrew J. Bailey WTC
Brett T. Bailey WTC
Garnet Edward Bailey WTC
Tatyana Bakalinskaya WTC
Michael S. Baksh WTC
Sharon M. Balkcom WTC
Michael Andrew Bane WTC
Katherine Bantis WTC
FF Gerard Baptiste WTC FDNY
Walter Baran WTC
Asst Chief Gerard A. Barbara WTC FDNY
Paul Vincent Barbaro WTC
James William Barbella WTC
Ivan Kyrillos F. Barbosa WTC
Victor Daniel Barbosa WTC
Colleen Ann Barkow WTC
David Michael Barkway WTC
FF Matthew Barnes WTC FDNY
Sheila Patricia Barnes WTC
Evan J Baron WTC
Renee Barrett-Arjune WTC
FF Arthur Thaddeus Barry WTC FDNY
Diane G. Barry WTC
PO Maurice Vincent Barry WTC PAPD
Scott D. Bart WTC
Carlton W. Bartels WTC
Guy Barzvi WTC
Inna B Basina WTC
Alysia Basmajian WTC
Kenneth William Basnicki WTC
LT Steven Joseph Bates WTC FDNY
Paul James Battaglia WTC
Walter David Bauer, Jr. WTC
Marlyn Capito Bautista WTC
Mark Lawrence Bavis WTC
Jasper Baxter WTC
Michele Beale WTC
Paul Frederick Beatini WTC
Jane S Beatty WTC
Lawrence Ira Beck WTC
Manette Marie Beckles WTC
LT Carl John Bedigian WTC FDNY
Michael Earnest Beekman WTC
Maria A Behr WTC
Yelena Belilovsky WTC
Nina Patrice Bell WTC
Debbie S Bellows WTC
FF Stephen Elliot Belson WTC FDNY
Paul M. Benedetti WTC
Denise Lenore Benedetto WTC
Bryan Craig Bennett WTC
Eric L. Bennett WTC
Oliver Duncan Bennett WTC
Margaret L. Benson WTC
Dominick J Berardi WTC
James Patrick Berger WTC
Steven Howard Berger WTC
FF John P. Bergin WTC FDNY
Alvin Bergsohn WTC
Daniel Bergstein WTC
Graham Andrew Berkeley WTC
Michael J. Berkeley WTC
Donna M. Bernaerts WTC
David W. Bernard WTC
William Bernstein WTC
David M. Berray WTC
David S Berry WTC
Joseph J. Berry WTC
William Reed Bethke WTC
Timothy Betterly WTC
Edward Frank Beyea WTC
FF Paul Michael Beyer WTC FDNY
Anil Tahilram Bharvaney WTC
Bella J. Bhukhan WTC
Shimmy D. Biegeleisen WTC
FF Peter Alexander Bielfeld WTC FDNY
William G Biggart WTC
FF Brian Eugene Bilcher WTC FDNY
FF Carl Vincent Bini WTC FDNY
Gary Eugene Bird WTC
Joshua David Birnbaum WTC
George John Bishop WTC
Jeffrey Donald Bittner WTC
Albert Balewa Blackman, Jr. WTC
FF Christopher Joseph Blackwell WTC FDNY
Susan Leigh Blair WTC
Harry Blanding, Jr. WTC
Janice Lee Blaney WTC
Craig Michael Blass WTC
Rita Blau WTC
Richard Middleton Blood, Jr. WTC
Michael Andrew Boccardi WTC
John P. Bocchi WTC
FF Michael Leopoldo Bocchino WTC FDNY
Susan M. Bochino WTC
Bruce D. Boehm WTC
Mary Catherine Boffa WTC
Nicholas Andrew Bogdan WTC
Darren Christopher Bohan WTC
Lawrence Francis Boisseau WTC
Vincent M Boland, Jr. WTC
Touran Hamzavi Bolourchi WTC
Alan Bondarenko WTC
Andre Bonheur Jr. WTC
Colin Arthur Bonnett WTC
FF Frank Bonomo WTC FDNY
Yvonne Lucia Bonomo WTC
Seaon Booker WTC
Sherry Ann Bordeaux WTC
Krystine Bordenabe WTC
Jerry J. Borg WTC
Martin Boryczewski WTC
Richard Edward Bosco WTC
Klaus Bothe WTC
John H Boulton WTC
Francisco Eligio Bourdier WTC
Thomas Harold Bowden, Jr. WTC
Kimberly S Bowers WTC
Veronique Nicole Bowers WTC
Larry Bowman WTC
Shawn Edward Bowman, Jr. WTC
Kevin L. Bowser WTC
Gennady Boyarsky WTC
Pamela Boyce WTC
FF Michael Boyle WTC FDNY
Alfred Braca WTC
FF Kevin Hugh Bracken WTC FDNY
David Brian Brady WTC
Alexander Braginsky WTC
Nicholas W Brandemarti WTC
Michelle Renee Bratton WTC
Patrice Braut WTC
Lydia E. Bravo WTC
Ronald Michael Breitweiser WTC
Francis Henry Brennan WTC
FF Michael E. Brennan WTC FDNY
FF Peter Brennan WTC FDNY
Thomas M. Brennan WTC
Edward A. Brennan III WTC
CPT Daniel J. Brethel WTC FDNY
Gary Lee Bright WTC
Jonathan Briley WTC
Mark A. Brisman WTC
Paul Gary Bristow WTC
Mark Francis Broderick WTC
Herman Charles Broghammer WTC
Keith A Broomfield WTC
Janice Juloise Brown WTC
Lloyd Stanford Brown WTC
CPT Patrick J. Brown WTC FDNY
Bettina Browne WTC
Mark Bruce WTC
Richard George Bruehert WTC
FF Andrew Brunn WTC FDNY
CPT Vincent Edward Brunton WTC FDNY
Fire Marshal Ronald Paul Bucca WTC FDNY
Brandon J. Buchanan WTC
FF Gregory Joseph Buck WTC FDNY
Dennis Buckley WTC
Nancy Clare Bueche WTC
Patrick Joseph Buhse WTC
John Edward Bulaga, Jr. WTC
Stephen Bunin WTC
Matthew J. Burke WTC
Thomas Daniel Burke WTC
CPT William Francis Burke, Jr. WTC FDNY
Asst Chief Donald J. Burns WTC FDNY
Kathleen Anne Burns WTC
Keith James Burns WTC
FF John Patrick Burnside WTC FDNY
Irina Buslo WTC
Milton G Bustillo WTC
FF Thomas M. Butler WTC FDNY
FF Patrick Dennis Byrne WTC FDNY
Timothy G Byrne WTC
Jesus Neptali Cabezas WTC
Lillian Caceres WTC
Brian Joseph Cachia WTC
Steven Dennis Cafiero, Jr. WTC
Richard M. Caggiano WTC
Cecile Marella Caguicla WTC
Michael John Cahill WTC
Scott Walter Cahill WTC
Thomas Joseph Cahill WTC
FF George Cain WTC FDNY
FF Salvatore B. Calabro WTC FDNY
Joseph M. Calandrillo WTC
Philip V Calcagno WTC
Edward Calderon WTC
Kenneth Marcus Caldwell WTC
Dominick Enrico Calia WTC
Felix Calixte WTC
CPT Francis Joseph Callahan WTC FDNY
PO Liam Callahan WTC PAPD
Luigi Calvi WTC
Roko Camaj WTC
FF Michael F. Cammarata WTC FDNY
David Otey Campbell WTC
Geoffrey Thomas Campbell WTC
Jill Marie Campbell WTC
Robert Arthur Campbell WTC
Sandra Patricia Campbell WTC
Sean Thomas Canavan WTC
John A. Candela WTC
Vincent Cangelosi WTC
Stephen J Cangialosi WTC
Lisa Bella Cannava WTC
FF Brian Cannizzaro WTC FDNY
Michael Canty WTC
Louis Anthony Caporicci WTC
Jonathan Neff Cappello WTC
James Christopher Cappers WTC
Richard Michael Caproni WTC
Jose Manuel Cardona WTC
FF Dennis M Carey WTC FDNY
Edward Carlino WTC
FF Michael Scott Carlo WTC FDNY
David G. Carlone WTC
Rosemarie C. Carlson WTC
Mark Stephen Carney WTC
Joyce Ann Carpeneto WTC
Ivhan Luis Carpio Bautista WTC
Jeremy M Carrington WTC
FF Michael Carroll WTC FDNY
FF Peter Carroll WTC FDNY
James Joseph Carson, Jr. WTC
Marcia Cecil Carter WTC
James Marcel Cartier WTC
Vivian Casalduc WTC
John Francis Casazza WTC
Paul R Cascio WTC
FF Thomas Anthony Casoria WTC FDNY
William Otto Caspar WTC
Alejandro Castano WTC
Arcelia Castillo WTC
Leonard M. Castrianno WTC
Jose Ramon Castro WTC
Richard G. Catarelli WTC
Christopher Sean Caton WTC
Robert John Caufield WTC
Mary Teresa Caulfield WTC
Judson Cavalier WTC
FF Michael Joseph Cawley WTC FDNY
Jason David Cayne WTC
Juan Armando Ceballos WTC
Jason Michael Cefalu WTC
Thomas Joseph Celic WTC
Ana Mercedes Centeno WTC
Joni Cesta WTC
Jeffrey Marc Chairnoff WTC
Swarna Chalasani WTC
William Chalcoff WTC
Eli Chalouh WTC
Charles Lawrence Chan WTC
Mandy Chang WTC
Mark Lawrence Charette WTC
Gregorio Manuel Chavez WTC
Delrose E. Cheatham WTC
Pedro Francisco Checo WTC
Douglas MacMillan Cherry WTC
Stephen Patrick Cherry WTC
FF Vernon Paul Cherry WTC FDNY
Nestor Chevalier WTC
Swede Chevalier WTC
Alexander H Chiang WTC
Dorothy J. Chiarchiaro WTC
Luis Alfonso Chimbo WTC
Robert Chin WTC
Wing Wai Ching WTC
FF Nicholas Paul Chiofalo WTC FDNY
FF John Gerard Chipura WTC FDNY
Peter A. Chirchirillo WTC
Catherine Chirls WTC
Kyung Hee Cho WTC
Abul K. Chowdhury WTC
Mohammad Salahuddin Chowdhury WTC
Kirsten L Christophe WTC
Pamela Chu WTC
Steven Paul Chucknick WTC
Wai Chung WTC
Christopher Ciafardini WTC
Alex F. Ciccone WTC
Frances Ann Cilente WTC
Elaine Cillo WTC
Edna Cintron WTC
Nestor Andre Cintron III WTC
LT Robert Dominick Cirri WTC PAPD
Juan Pablo Cisneros WTC
Benjamin Keefe Clark WTC
Eugene Clark WTC
Gregory Alan Clark WTC
Mannie Leroy Clark WTC
Thomas R Clark WTC
Christopher Robert Clarke WTC
Donna Marie Clarke WTC
FF Michael J. Clarke WTC FDNY
Suria Rachel Emma Clarke WTC
Kevin Francis Cleary WTC
James D Cleere WTC
Geoffrey W. Cloud WTC
Susan Marie Clyne WTC
FF Steven Coakley WTC FDNY
Jeffrey Alan Coale WTC
Patricia A. Cody WTC
Daniel Michael Coffey WTC
Jason M. Coffey WTC
Florence G. Cohen WTC
Kevin Sanford Cohen WTC
Anthony Joseph Coladonato WTC
Mark Joseph Colaio WTC
Stephen Colaio WTC
Christopher M. Colasanti WTC
Kevin Nathaniel Colbert WTC
Michel P. Colbert WTC
Keith E. Coleman WTC
Scott Thomas Coleman WTC
FF Tarel Coleman WTC FDNY
Liam Joseph Colhoun WTC
Robert D Colin WTC
Robert J. Coll WTC
Jean Marie Collin WTC
FF John Michael Collins WTC FDNY
Michael L. Collins WTC
Thomas J Collins WTC
Joseph K Collison WTC
Patricia Malia Colodner WTC
Linda M. Colon WTC
Sol E. Colon WTC
Ronald Edward Comer WTC
Sandra Jolane Conaty Brace WTC
Jaime Concepcion WTC
Albert Conde WTC
Denease Conley WTC
Susan P Conlon WTC
Margaret Mary Conner WTC
Cynthia Marie Lise Connolly WTC
John E. Connolly, Jr WTC
James Lee Connor WTC
Jonathan M. Connors WTC
Kevin Patrick Connors WTC
Kevin F. Conroy WTC
Brenda E. Conway WTC
Dennis Michael Cook WTC
Helen D. Cook WTC
John A Cooper WTC
Joseph John Coppo, Jr. WTC
Gerard J. Coppola WTC
Joseph Albert Corbett WTC
Alejandro Cordero WTC
FF Robert Joseph Cordice WTC FDNY
FF Ruben D. Correa WTC FDNY
Danny A. Correa-Gutierrez WTC
CPT James J. Corrigan WTC FDNY (retired)
Carlos Cortes WTC
Kevin Cosgrove WTC
Dolores Marie Costa WTC
Digna Alexandra Costanza WTC
Michael S Costello WTC
Charles Gregory Costello Jr. WTC
Conrod K Cottoy WTC
Martin John Coughlan WTC
Sergeant John Gerard Coughlin WTC NYPD
Timothy J Coughlin WTC
James E. Cove WTC
Andre Cox WTC
Frederick John Cox WTC
FF James Raymond Coyle WTC FDNY
Michele Coyle-Eulau WTC
Anne Marie Cramer WTC
Christopher Seton Cramer WTC
Denise Elizabeth Crant WTC
FF Robert James Crawford WTC FDNY
James Leslie Crawford, Jr. WTC
Joanne Mary Cregan WTC
Lucy Crifasi WTC
LT John A Crisci WTC FDNY
Daniel Hal Crisman WTC
Bn Chief Dennis Cross WTC FDNY
Kevin Raymond Crotty WTC
Thomas G Crotty WTC
John Crowe WTC
Welles Remy Crowther WTC
Robert L Cruikshank WTC
John Robert Cruz WTC
Grace Yu Cua WTC
Kenneth John Cubas WTC
Francisco Cruz Cubero WTC
Richard J. Cudina WTC
Neil James Cudmore WTC
FF Thomas Patrick Cullen III WTC FDNY
Joyce Cummings WTC
Brian Thomas Cummins WTC
Michael Joseph Cunningham WTC
FF Robert Curatolo WTC FDNY
Laurence Damian Curia WTC
Paul Dario Curioli WTC
Beverly Curry WTC
Sergeant Michael Sean Curtin WTC NYPD
Gavin Cushny WTC
Manuel John Da Mota WTC
Caleb Arron Dack WTC
Carlos S. DaCosta WTC
PO John D’Allara WTC NYPD
Vincent Gerard D’Amadeo WTC
Thomas A. Damaskinos WTC
Jack D’Ambrosi WTC
Jeannine Marie Damiani-Jones WTC
Patrick W. Danahy WTC
Mary D’Antonio WTC
PO Vincent Danz WTC NYPD
Dwight Donald Darcy WTC
Elizabeth Ann Darling WTC
Annette Andrea Dataram WTC
LT Edward A. D’Atri WTC FDNY
FF Michael D. D’Auria WTC FDNY
Lawrence Davidson WTC
Michael Allen Davidson WTC
FF Scott Matthew Davidson WTC FDNY
Titus Davidson WTC
Niurka Davila WTC
PO Clinton Davis WTC PAPD
Wayne Terrial Davis WTC
Anthony Richard Dawson WTC
Calvin Dawson WTC
FF Edward James Day WTC FDNY
Jayceryll de Chavez WTC
Jennifer De Jesus WTC
Monique E. De Jesus WTC
Nereida De Jesus WTC
Emerita De La Pena WTC
Azucena Maria de la Torre WTC
Jose Nicolas De Pena WTC
Jemal Legesse De Santis WTC
Christian Louis De Simone WTC
Melanie Louise De Vere WTC
William Thomas Dean WTC
Bn Chief Thomas Patrick DeAngelis WTC FDNY
Robert J. DeAngelis Jr. WTC
Tara E. Debek WTC
Anna Marjia DeBin WTC
James V. DeBlase WTC
Paul DeCola WTC
Simon Marash Dedvukaj WTC
Jason Christopher Defazio WTC
David A. DeFeo WTC
FF Manuel Del Valle Jr. WTC FDNY
Donald Arthur Delapenha WTC
Vito Joseph DeLeo WTC
Danielle Anne Delie WTC
Joseph A. Della Pietra WTC
Andrea DellaBella WTC
Palmina Delligatti WTC
Colleen Ann Deloughery WTC
Francis Albert DeMartini WTC
Anthony Demas WTC
FF Martin N DeMeo WTC FDNY
Francis Deming WTC
Carol K. Demitz WTC
Kevin Dennis WTC
Thomas F. Dennis WTC
Jean DePalma WTC
Robert John Deraney WTC
Michael DeRienzo WTC
FF David Paul DeRubbio WTC FDNY
Edward Desimone III WTC
LT Andrew Desperito WTC FDNY
Michael Jude D’Esposito WTC
Cindy Ann Deuel WTC
Jerry Devito WTC
Robert P. Devitt, Jr. WTC
Bn Chief Dennis Lawrence Devlin WTC FDNY
FF Gerard Dewan WTC FDNY
Sulemanali Kassamali Dhanani WTC
Patricia Florence Di Chiaro WTC
Debra Ann Di Martino WTC
Michael Louis DiAgostino WTC
Matthew Diaz WTC
Nancy Diaz WTC
Michael A Diaz-Piedra III WTC
Judith Berquis Diaz-Sierra WTC
Joseph Dermot Dickey, Jr. WTC
Lawrence Patrick Dickinson WTC
Michael D. Diehl WTC
John Difato WTC
Vincent Difazio WTC
Carl Anthony DiFranco WTC
Donald Difranco WTC
Stephen Patrick Dimino WTC
William John Dimmling WTC
Marisa DiNardo Schorpp WTC
Christopher M Dincuff WTC
Jeffrey Mark Dingle WTC
Anthony Dionisio WTC
FF George DiPasquale WTC FDNY
Joseph Dipilato WTC
Douglas Frank DiStefano WTC
Ramzi A. Doany WTC
John Joseph Doherty WTC
Melissa C. Doi WTC
Brendan Dolan WTC
Neil Matthew Dollard WTC
James Joseph Domanico WTC
Benilda Pascua Domingo WTC
Carlos Dominguez WTC
PO Jerome Mark Patrick Dominguez WTC NYPD
LT Kevin W. Donnelly WTC FDNY
Jacqueline Donovan WTC
Stephen Scott Dorf WTC
Thomas Dowd WTC
Kevin Christopher Dowdell WTC
Mary Yolanda Dowling WTC
Dep Chief Raymond Mathew Downey WTC FDNY
Frank Joseph Doyle WTC
Joseph Michael Doyle WTC
Randall L. Drake WTC
PO Stephen Patrick Driscoll WTC NYPD
Mirna A. Duarte WTC
Luke A. Dudek WTC
Christopher Michael Duffy WTC
FF Gerard Duffy WTC FDNY
Michael Joseph Duffy WTC
Thomas W. Duffy WTC
Antoinette Duger WTC
Sareve Dukat WTC
Christopher Joseph Dunne WTC
Felicia Gail Dunn-Jones WTC
Richard Anthony Dunstan WTC
Patrick Thomas Dwyer WTC
Joseph Anthony Eacobacci WTC
John Bruce Eagleson WTC
Robert Douglas Eaton WTC
Dean Phillip Eberling WTC
Margaret Ruth Echtermann WTC
Paul Robert Eckna WTC
Constantine Economos WTC
Dennis Michael Edwards WTC
Michael Hardy Edwards WTC
Christine Egan WTC
Lisa Egan WTC
Michael Egan WTC
Samantha Martin Egan WTC
CPT Martin J. Egan Jr. WTC FDNY
Carole Eggert WTC
Lisa Caren Ehrlich WTC
John Ernst Eichler WTC
Eric Adam Eisenberg WTC
Daphne Ferlinda Elder WTC
FF Michael J Elferis WTC FDNY
PO Mark Joseph Ellis WTC NYPD
Valerie Silver Ellis WTC
Albert Alfy William Elmarry WTC
Edgar Hendricks Emery, Jr. WTC
Doris Suk-Yuen Eng WTC
Christopher Epps WTC
Ulf Ramm Ericson WTC
Erwin L. Erker WTC
William John Erwin WTC
Sarah Ali Escarcega WTC
Jose Espinal WTC
Fanny Espinoza WTC
Bridget Ann Esposito WTC
FF Francis Esposito WTC FDNY
CPT Michael Esposito WTC FDNY
William Esposito WTC
Ruben Esquilin, Jr. WTC
Sadie Ette WTC
Barbara G. Etzold WTC
Eric Brian Evans WTC
FF Robert Edward Evans WTC FDNY
Meredith Emily June Ewart WTC
Catherine K. Fagan WTC
Patricia Mary Fagan WTC
Keith George Fairben WTC
Sandra Fajardo-Smith WTC
William F Fallon WTC
William Lawrence Fallon, Jr. WTC
Anthony J Fallone, Jr. WTC
Dolores Brigitte Fanelli WTC
Bn Chief John Joseph Fanning WTC FDNY
Kathleen Anne Faragher WTC
Bn Chief Thomas James Farino WTC FDNY
Nancy Carole Farley WTC
Elizabeth Ann Farmer WTC
Douglas Jon Farnum WTC
John Gerard Farrell WTC
John W. Farrell WTC
FF Terrence Patrick Farrell WTC FDNY
Bn Chief Joseph D. Farrelly WTC FDNY
Thomas Patrick Farrelly WTC
Syed Abdul Fatha WTC
Christopher Edward Faughnan WTC
Wendy R. Faulkner WTC
Shannon Marie Fava WTC
Bernard D Favuzza WTC
Ronald Carl Fazio WTC
PO Robert Fazio, Jr. WTC NYPD
1st Dep. Comm William Feehan WTC FDNY
Francis Jude Feely WTC
Garth Erin Feeney WTC
Sean B. Fegan WTC
FF Lee S. Fehling WTC FDNY
Peter Adam Feidelberg WTC
FF Alan D. Feinberg WTC FDNY
Rosa Maria Feliciano WTC
Edward Thomas Fergus, Jr. WTC
George J. Ferguson, III WTC
Henry Fernandez WTC
Judy Hazel Fernandez WTC
Julio Fernandez WTC
Elisa Giselle Ferraina WTC
Anne Marie Sallerin Ferreira WTC
Robert John Ferris WTC
David Francis Ferrugio WTC
Louis V Fersini WTC
Michael David Ferugio WTC
Bradley James Fetchet WTC
Jennifer Louise Fialko WTC
Kristen Nicole Fiedel WTC
Samuel Fields WTC
Michael Bradley Finnegan WTC
Timothy J. Finnerty WTC
FF Michael Curtis Fiore WTC FDNY
Stephen Fiorelli, Sr. WTC
Paul M. Fiori WTC
John B Fiorito WTC
CPT John R Fischer WTC FDNY
Andrew Fisher WTC
Bennett Lawson Fisher WTC
John Roger Fisher WTC
Thomas J. Fisher WTC
Lucy A. Fishman WTC
Ryan D. Fitzgerald WTC
Thomas James Fitzpatrick WTC
Richard P. Fitzsimons WTC
Salvatore Fiumefreddo WTC
Christina Donovan Flannery WTC
Eileen Flecha WTC
FF Andre G. Fletcher WTC FDNY
Carl M Flickinger WTC
FF John Joseph Florio WTC FDNY
Joseph Walken Flounders WTC
David Fodor WTC
LT Michael N. Fodor WTC FDNY
Stephen Mark Fogel WTC
FF Thomas Foley WTC FDNY
FF David J Fontana WTC FDNY
Chih Min Foo WTC
Godwin Forde WTC
PO Donald A Foreman WTC PAPD
Christopher Hugh Forsythe WTC
Claudia Alicia Foster WTC
Noel John Foster WTC
Ana Fosteris WTC
FF Robert Joseph Foti WTC FDNY
Jeffrey Fox WTC
Virginia Fox WTC
Pauline Francis WTC
Virgin Francis WTC
Gary Jay Frank WTC
Morton H. Frank WTC
Peter Christopher Frank WTC
Richard K. Fraser WTC
Kevin J. Frawley WTC
Clyde Frazier, Jr. WTC
Lillian Inez Frederick WTC
FF Andrew Fredricks WTC FDNY
Tamitha Freeman WTC
Brett Owen Freiman WTC
LT Peter L Freund WTC FDNY
Arlene Eva Fried WTC
Alan Wayne Friedlander WTC
Andrew Keith Friedman WTC
PO Gregg J. Froehner WTC PAPD
Peter Christian Fry WTC
Clement A. Fumando WTC
Steven Elliot Furman WTC
Paul James Furmato WTC
Fredric Neal Gabler WTC
Richard Samuel Frederick Gabrielle WTC
James Andrew Gadiel WTC
Pamela Lee Gaff WTC
Ervin Vincent Gailliard WTC
Deanna Lynn Galante WTC
Grace Catherine Galante WTC
Anthony Edward Gallagher WTC
Daniel James Gallagher WTC
John Patrick Gallagher WTC
Lourdes Galletti WTC
Cono E. Gallo WTC
Vincenzo Gallucci WTC
Thomas E. Galvin WTC
Giovanna Galletta Gambale WTC
FF Thomas Gambino Jr. WTC FDNY
Giann Franco Gamboa WTC
Chief of Dept Peter Ganci WTC FDNY
Claude Michael Gann WTC
LT Charles William Garbarini WTC FDNY
Cesar R. Garcia WTC
David Garcia WTC
Juan Garcia WTC
Marlyn Del Carmen Garcia WTC
Christopher S. Gardner WTC
Douglas Benjamin Gardner WTC
Jeffrey Brian Gardner WTC
FF Thomas A. Gardner WTC FDNY
William Arthur Gardner WTC
Harvey J. Gardner III WTC
Francesco Garfi WTC
Rocco Nino Gargano WTC
James M. Gartenberg WTC
FF Matthew David Garvey WTC FDNY
FF Bruce Gary WTC FDNY
Boyd Alan Gatton WTC
Donald Richard Gavagan Jr. WTC
Terence D. Gazzani WTC
FF Gary Paul Geidel WTC FDNY
Paul Hamilton Geier WTC
Julie M. Geis WTC
Peter G. Gelinas WTC
Steven Paul Geller WTC
Howard G. Gelling WTC
Peter Victor Genco, Jr. WTC
Steven Gregory Genovese WTC
Alayne Gentul WTC
Bn Chief Edward F Geraghty WTC FDNY
Suzanne Geraty WTC
Ralph Gerhardt WTC
Robert Gerlich WTC
FF Denis P. Germain WTC FDNY
Marina Romanovna Gertsberg WTC
Susan M. Getzendanner WTC
James G. Geyer WTC
Joseph M. Giaccone WTC
CPT Vincent Francis Giammona WTC FDNY
Debra Lynn Gibbon WTC
FF James Andrew Giberson WTC FDNY
Craig Neil Gibson WTC
FF Ronnie E Gies WTC FDNY
Laura A. Giglio WTC
Andrew Clive Gilbert WTC
Timothy Paul Gilbert WTC
Paul Stuart Gilbey WTC
FF Paul John Gill WTC FDNY
Mark Y. Gilles WTC
Evan Gillette WTC
Ronald Lawrence Gilligan WTC
Sergeant Rodney C. Gillis WTC NYPD
Laura Gilly WTC
LT John F. Ginley WTC FDNY
Donna Marie Giordano WTC
FF Jeffrey John Giordano WTC FDNY
John Giordano WTC
Steven A. Giorgetti WTC
Martin Giovinazzo WTC
Kum-Kum Girolamo WTC
Salvatore Gitto WTC
Cynthia Giugliano WTC
Mon Gjonbalaj WTC
Dianne Gladstone WTC
FF Keith Alexander Glascoe WTC FDNY
Thomas Irwin Glasser WTC
Harry Glenn WTC
Barry H. Glick WTC
Steven Glick WTC
John T. Gnazzo WTC
William Robert Godshalk WTC
Michael Gogliormella WTC
Brian Fredric Goldberg WTC
Jeffrey Grant Goldflam WTC
Michelle Goldstein WTC
Monica Goldstein WTC
Steven Goldstein WTC
Andrew H. Golkin WTC
Dennis James Gomes WTC
Enrique Antonio Gomez WTC
Jose Bienvenido Gomez WTC
Wilder Alfredo Gomez WTC
Manuel Gomez, Jr. WTC
Jenine Nicole Gonzalez WTC
Mauricio Gonzalez WTC
Rosa Gonzalez WTC
Calvin J. Gooding WTC
Harry Goody WTC
Kiran Reddy Gopu WTC
Catherine C. Gorayeb WTC
Kerene Gordon WTC
Sebastian Gorki WTC
Kieran Joseph Gorman WTC
PO Thomas Edward Gorman WTC PAPD
Michael Edward Gould WTC
Yuji Goya WTC
Jon Richard Grabowski WTC
Christopher Michael Grady WTC
Edwin J. Graf III WTC
David Martin Graifman WTC
Gilbert Franco Granados WTC
Elvira Granitto WTC
Winston Arthur Grant WTC
Christopher S. Gray WTC
FF James Michael Gray WTC FDNY
Tara McCloud Gray WTC
Linda Catherine Grayling WTC
John M Grazioso WTC
Timothy George Grazioso WTC
Derrick Auther Green WTC
Wade B. Green WTC
Elaine Myra Greenberg WTC
Gayle R Greene WTC
James Arthur Greenleaf, Jr. WTC
Eileen Marsha Greenstein WTC
Elizabeth Martin Gregg WTC
Denise Gregory WTC
Donald H Gregory WTC
Florence Moran Gregory WTC
Pedro Grehan WTC
John Michael Griffin WTC
Tawanna Sherry Griffin WTC
Joan Donna Griffith WTC
Warren Grifka WTC
Ramon Grijalvo WTC
Joseph F. Grillo WTC
David Joseph Grimner WTC
Kenneth George Grouzalis WTC
Bn Chief Joseph Grzelak WTC FDNY
Matthew James Grzymalski WTC
Robert Joseph Gschaar WTC
Liming Gu WTC
FF Jose A. Guadalupe WTC FDNY
Cindy Yan Zhu Guan WTC
LT Geoffrey E Guja WTC FDNY
LT Joseph Peter Gullickson WTC FDNY
Babita Girjamatie Guman WTC
Douglas Brian Gurian WTC
Janet Ruth Gustafson WTC
Philip T. Guza WTC
Barbara Guzzardo WTC
Peter M. Gyulavary WTC
Gary Robert Haag WTC
Andrea Lyn Haberman WTC
Barbara Mary Habib WTC
Philip Haentzler WTC
Nezam A. Hafiz WTC
Karen Elizabeth Hagerty WTC
Steven Michael Hagis WTC
Mary Lou Hague WTC
FF David Halderman WTC FDNY
Maile Rachel Hale WTC
Richard B. Hall WTC
Vaswald George Hall WTC
Robert J. Halligan WTC
LT Vincent Gerard Halloran WTC FDNY
James Douglas Halvorson WTC
Mohammad Salman Hamdani WTC
Felicia Hamilton WTC
FF Robert W. Hamilton WTC FDNY
Frederic K Han WTC
Christopher J. Hanley WTC
FF Sean S Hanley WTC FDNY
Valerie Joan Hanna WTC
FF Thomas Hannafin WTC FDNY
Kevin James Hannaford WTC
Michael Lawrence Hannan WTC
FF Dana R. Hannon WTC FDNY
Vassilios G. Haramis WTC
James A. Haran WTC
Jeffrey Pike Hardy WTC
Timothy John Hargrave WTC
FF Daniel Edward Harlin WTC FDNY
Frances Haros WTC
LT Harvey L. Harrell WTC FDNY
LT Stephen G Harrell WTC FDNY
Melissa Marie Harrington WTC
Aisha Anne Harris WTC
Stewart Dennis Harris WTC
John Patrick Hart WTC
John Clinton Hartz WTC
Emeric Harvey WTC
FF Timothy Haskell WTC FDNY
Bn Chief Thomas Theodore Haskell, Jr. WTC FDNY
Joseph John Hasson III WTC
Special Agent Leonard W. Hatton WTC FBI
CPT Terence S Hatton WTC FDNY
FF Michael Helmut Haub WTC FDNY
Timothy Aaron Haviland WTC
Donald G. Havlish, Jr. WTC
Anthony Maurice Hawkins WTC
Nobuhiro Hayatsu WTC
FF Philip Hayes WTC FDNY (retired)
William Ward Haynes WTC
Scott Jordan Hazelcorn WTC
LT Michael K. Healey WTC FDNY
Roberta B. Heber WTC
Charles Francis Xavier