Inside Gitmo

President Obama sends AG Eric Holder to Gitmo (a photographic preview)

Debra Burlingame has previously reported President Obama smiled and admitted that he had not visited Guantanamo (to 40 family members of the victims of the USS Cole and September 11 attacks during his February 6, 2009 White House meeting with them).

Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced he will visit Gitmo:

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. told reporters today that he would travel Monday to the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as part of his effort to determine how to handle the 245 remaining terrorism suspects detained there. “We need to have our feet on the ground to really see what is going on down at the facility, to see how people are being detained, to talk to people down there about the interrogation techniques that are being used,” Holder said.

The Attorney General characterized the looming trip as “an important first step as we try to resolve the issues that the president has put before me as the chairman of those review committees.”

As none of us were invited to join AG Holder on his trip, click the image below to get a preview of what he will find at Guantanamo:

Tell me again why President Barack Obama wants to shut down the detention facilities at Gitmo? America’s image?

Better yet, click here and tell President Obama to ‘Keep Gitmo Open’.

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Obama vs. the Atomic Axis of Evil

In the New York Post this morning, Gordon Cucullu writes of President Obama’s proposed defense program cuts as Iran and North Korea continue to cooperate; their joint efforts will soon bring Israel and our West Coast within range of their nuclear weapons:

The focus of the joint program is multi-faceted: Begin with rocket bodies produced by North Korea. Improve them with enhanced, longer-range capabilities. Meanwhile, develop a warhead and payload capacity. Then add terminal-guidance technology so the warhead can hit what it aims for. Finally, produce a nuclear payload that can vaporize cities and populations. (The bomb Pyongyang has tested was small — analysts don’t think it has a Hiroshima-size nuke yet.)

Years of diplomacy led by the Europeans (and encouraged by the Bush administration) have failed to stop either Tehran or Pyongyang’s progress, let alone their cooperation. How will the new administration respond to the latest chilling developments?

To date, President Obama has indicated policies that have been interpreted by America’s enemies as signs of weakness: a willingness to enter high-level diplomatic talks without precondition; closing Guantanamo; his apologetic Al Arabiya interview.

The new president is also on record opposing missile-defense technology. Yet decades of R&D are now paying off: Stunned critics watched recent tests at Vandenberg Air Fore base where “hitting a bullet with a bullet” proved to be well within the capability of USAF scientists.

Of course, the administration has also ordered Defense Department planners to cut 10 percent from their budget. This, while it pushes a $900 billion “stimulus package.” Billions for special interests, but not a cent for defense?

Editor — Gordon Cucullu is a Vietnam veteran, Special Forces officer, and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. His new book is ‘Inside Gitmo: The True Story behind the Myths of Guantanamo Bay.’