The Mexican Mafia

The Mexican Mafia has taken over one town in California and is corrupting local governments from there to Texas. Yet if you think this is only a problem along America’s southern border, think again:

It’s been called the most dangerous gang in American history. In Los Angeles alone, it’s responsible for over 100 homicides per year. With less than 300 members, it controls a 40,000-strong street army of gangsters eager to throw down and stand up for the cause. It flies the flag of the Black Hand and its business is murder. Although known on the streets for over fifty years, the Mexican Mafia has flown under the radar of the public’s awareness and flourished under a deep cover of secrecy. Members are forbidden to even acknowledge its existence.

For the first time, in its history, the Mexican Mafia is getting the attention it’s been trying to avoid. In this briskly written and thoroughly researched book, Tony Rafael looks at the birth and blood soaked growth of this criminal enterprise through the eyes of the victims, the dropouts and the cops and DAs on the front lines of the battles against the Mexican Mafia. As the first book ever published on the subject, this is a pioneering work that unveils the operations of this California prison gang and how it grew from a small clique of inmates into a transnational criminal enterprise … READ THE REST

Yesterday, Laura Ingraham spoke with Tony Rafael, author of a book entitled The Mexican Mafia:

Listen to that interview and think about who among the current candidates running for President has repeatedly failed to secure our borders or is now (or has been) for granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.

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