Sarah Palin would make a great President of the United States

If she became President on January 20, 2009, I would trust Sarah Palin.

That’s a big statement.

My trust starts with her ability, on day one of the McCain-Palin campaign, to deliver a speech with a conviction that could only come from the heart. Those were not just words. That was Sarah Palin, who she is, the total of all her 44 years of life experience.

She’s Mrs. Smith on her way to Washington.

Sarah Palin is every politician’s worse nightmare, a mom tired of crooks running our country, their cronies running to the bank with the profits, and con men masquerading as statesmen saddling future generations with bills they can never pay.

I was no fan of John McCain. That changed Friday when he named Sarah Palin as his running mate; she is the one that I have been waiting for and the change I believe in.

Update: Michelle Malkin reports that the liberal hacks already have their slandering knives out for Sarah Palin. The libs are very afraid of her; they should be.

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