Richard Clarke’s 9/11 imagery hypocrisy

I read where Richard Clarke found it “disturbing” that “imagery and the memory of 9/11” were used in an advertisement about why the detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay should be kept open. Those 26 House Republicans stated what they believe, that keeping terrorists out of the U.S. is good policy; they were not personally profiting from 9/11.

When Richard Clarke testified before the 9/11 Commission, John Lehman stated that Clarke had previously told one thing to Commissioners in private and something different during his public testimony. Clarke repeatedly mentioned September 11 in his two books and his publisher reportedly rushed his first book to print so that it would be released soon after the Commission Report was issued it would coincide with his testimony. Mr. Clarke currently works for “the left-leaning National Security Network.” You be the judge.

Update, May 12, 2009: Samuel R. “Sandy” Berger is on the Advisory Board for the National Security Network. In 2006, he pled guilty to stealing classified materials from the National Archives “while the Clinton administration’s designated liaison to the Sept. 11 commission.” Glad to see Sandy found friends with similar interests after he was forced to resign from the Kerry campaign.

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