Released Al-Jazeera reporter faked inability to walk off USAF plane

Released Guantanamo detainee Sami al-Haj faked weakness and the inability to walk off the US Air Force plane once it landed in Khartoum.

According to DoD spokesman Navy Commander Jeffrey Gordon, the aircrew who brought him to Khartoum on a military transport said he was relaxed, standing up, walking around during the entire flight. When they landed at Khartoum, he looked out the window, saw all the media, and immediately collapsed in a chair. “I can’t walk,” said the former cameraman for Al-Jazeera, demanding an ambulance. He can be seen being carried off the plane on a stretcher, wincing as if in pain. In another video shot the same day, he’s seen reuniting with his family, walking, standing, smiling, miraculously healed. Gordon reports that the man who said he engaged in a 16 mos hunger strike “left Guantanamo four pounds lighter than when he arrived.”

Here is Al-Jazeera’s report. Note that 39 seconds into it the video shows Sami al-Haj, only minutes after arriving at a Khartoum hospital, walking unassisted and hugging his son.

Sami al-Haj looked pretty healthy to me for a man held in a “concentration camp” for six years.

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  1. Subsunk
    May 8, 2008 at 6:16 am

    Good investigative work here. I wish I had known of your website for many years now.

    You have now become a favorite site and I will be using your posts occasionally at I agree with your views and posts.

    Keep up the good work. Please don’t stop. Radical Islam must be fought wherever it rears its head. Every single time.


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