NY Times hides NYC Tea Party crowd numbers

Today’s New York Times fails to mention that NYC had thousands at its event. I understand Atlanta, GA had ten thousand yet they did not mention it at all. Just a hundred here, 500 there. But the New York Post is reporting 5,000 people were at the New York City tea party. It was at least that. The New York City Police Department announced today they estimated the crowd count at 12,500!

I was in the middle of the crowd, with people as far as the eye could see. These are pictures I took as I was arriving — before the crowd grew and spilled over. The police kept having to move the barriers, finally shutting down lanes of traffic as the participants spread across the street.

Click on image.

The crowd was orderly and energized. The speeches were informative, not just to pump up the crowd. When one speaker talked about Sam Adams and the founders, the first tea party in 1773, the crowd was quiet, taking it all in. I found it moving. I felt I was witnessing something important, historic. I thought of the Founders, and how amazed they would be, first, at how far the country is moving from its original principles, and second, that 235 years later, they and their efforts are remembered. They continue to animate and inspire.

The people around me were from all walks of life: young, old, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The anger was at the entire political class, not just Dems. There seemed to be a shared feeling that the others present also left their homes not to “wail” or “whine” but to demand. It was less a protest than a demonstration. “We are the people … We are America … We want our country back.” The feeling was that something precious is slipping away.

I wanted to be there, because I wanted New York City, a blue/liberal city, to have a good showing. I was shocked and overwhelmed at the size of the crowd.

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