Murtha and jihadi TV still holier than thou over Haditha Marine’s acquittal

On its ‘about page,’ Al Sumaria TV states:

We are … An independent Iraqi Satellite TV Network that transmits on Nilesat and Arabsat from its temporary offices in Lebanon [all emphasis added mine]. Alsumaria was established by a group of professional businessmen in 2004. It includes a solid staff of 300 employees in Iraq and 150 in Lebanon. In a span of two years, Alsumaria has managed to become one of the most dynamic and watched TV stations in Iraq.

We strongly believe in a unified Iraq and continuously strive to be neutral and at the same distance with all Iraqis regardless of their political or religious backgrounds. Alsumaria TV wants to show the world that Iraq isn’t a country where everyday people suffer and die, but rather a place where people live, work, get married and struggle to lead long and normal existence.

We aim towards quality, novelty and professionalism.

United States Marine LT Andrew Grayson was completely acquitted yesterday of all charges in connection with the November 19, 2005, deaths of 24 civilians in Haditha, Iraq. While he was not at the scene that day and had nothing to do with those deaths, he was charged with obstruction of justice for ordering photographs of the scene deleted three months later, false swearing with the intent to obstruct justice, and later fraudulently separating from service (out-processing from the Marine Corps while knowingly under legal restraint from doing so).

LT Grayson was acquitted for good reason. The judge dropped the primary charge of obstruction, mid-trial. Two senior NCO’s had also ordered the photos deleted, in addition to LT Grayson, because they had no intelligence value and it was policy to delete such extraneous to their duty pictures (they delete what Michael Yon calls “war porn” of the dead). Grayson correctly told the original investigating officer, Army Colonel Watt, the photos did not exist as they had been deleted. What riled COL Watt up and made him suspicious was the LT refused to sign a Privacy Act form. Yet the intelligence battalion’s troops were under orders to not sign such forms without higher HQ’s okay as a security measure; al-Qaeda has a bounty on all our intelligence exploitation troops. In other words, COL Watt ran into a rabbit hole and Naval Criminal Investigators followed him down. LT Grayson’s intelligence battalion commander testified that he signed Grayson’s discharge papers because “there was no legal hold” on him. In addition, a Major admitted to giving LT Grayson bad advice, telling him that he was under no obligation to stay put, he could out-process, take his honorable discharge, and go home.

So, Al Sumaria TV must have been aiming for novelty within their report today:

Alsumaria Iraqi Satellite TV network
Iraq News
Jordan Court sentences Al Qaeda militant
Thursday, June 05, 2008 10:58 GMT

Jordan’s security court has sentenced an al Qaeda militant, Auni Al Minasi, of Jordanian nationality, to life in prison for his involvement in recruiting gunmen in Jordan to fight in Iraq. According to the accusation list, Al Minasi has been appointed in 2006 by Al Qaeda in Syria to work on recruiting gunmen in Jordan in order to send them to Syria and then to Lebanon for training before crossing into Iraq.

On the other hand, a military source reported that Californian Court panel committee has cleared charges of US marine Andrew Garison [sic] who was tried for Haditha massacre in 2005, one of the worst war crimes by US military in Iraq.

al Sumaria TV screen shot

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Crime in connection with Haditha has yet to be proven in a court of law. Yet killings there, “in cold blood,” have been alleged by U.S. Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania’s 12th District. If he ever decides to resign over those slanderous remarks, he could easily find employment with a novel, Middle-Eastern TV station that also continues to falsely accuse United States Marines of war crimes.

Update, June 9, 2008: I was forced to apologize for my above commentary (and it was a pleasure).

Update II, June 16, 2008: Michelle Malkin brings word of the L.A. Times reporting today that tomorrow charges against LtCol Jeffrey Chessani may be dropped.

  5 comments for “Murtha and jihadi TV still holier than thou over Haditha Marine’s acquittal

  1. Alsumaria TV
    June 9, 2008 at 5:48 am

    Dear Sir,

    In reply to your article, we would like to point out that Alsumaria TV is indeed what it claims to be. Info regarding US marine Andrew Garison figured in all News Agencies exactly as we reported it in the article published on our site and aired on our screen. We did not comment nor recounted the news from our perspective.
    Thank you for taking the time of checking our news

    Alsumaria TV
    www dot alsumaria dot tv [Editor’s note — www address altered by me (dot) to remove hyperlink]

  2. Judith
    June 6, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    Can you find the You Tube of Obama on the Haditha? Or where can i find it?

    Any assistance would be great!


    Editor to Judith: I know of no link to the video yet the following is the text, Obama in an interview with Alan Colmes (on H&C) on June 28, 2006:

    Alan Colmes: When Jack Murtha talks about civilians being killed in cold blood by troops, is that hurtful to the Democratic Party? Is that rhetoric difficult for you to embrace or do you think he’s actually helping again in the terms of checks and balances(?) on what the Administration and even the what the troops might be doing?

    Barak Obama: Well, look I think it’s very important where we consider situations like Haditha to understand that you’ve got 99.9% of American troops who are doing outstanding work under the worst conditions imaginable. That a lot of the problems that we are starting to see arises from troops who have been there for three or four rotations without a clear mission, in a situation where the problems are really more political than they are military (Murtha line). And, you can’t distinguish between civilians and insurgents in a lot of situations. It’s very important for us to understand every time I go to Iraq to see what an outstanding job our troops are doing as a whole.

    Now, having said that, we want to make sure that the ideals of our country and our military are upheld. And, when they’re breached, we’ve got to make sure that we are taking those seriously.

    Colmes: Did Murtha say that in the right way?

    Obama: You know, I don’t have the exact quotes in front of me. What I know is here is a guy who served our country. I would never second guess John Murtha… I think he’s somebody who knows of which he speaks.

    We will likely see the video played by Sean Hannity before Election Day.

  3. Mike House
    June 6, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    John Murtha does not deserve to continue in ANY roll of leadership or representation in the Congress. His actions and words were a disgrace to the Marine Corps that he served, as well as a violation of his sworn oaths as a Marine and a US Represantive to “protect and defend the Constitution”.
    His fellow Democrats need to grow spines and officially reprimand and censure him. Nancy Pelosi should remove him as chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommitee, and the people of his home state of Penn. should start impeachment proceedings. After 30 years in DC his quest for personal power has corrupted him to a point of destroying the very people he was sent to serve. This man has no honor.

  4. Barry
    June 6, 2008 at 9:02 am

    If you think Murtha and Kerry are ignorant to the facts , check YouTube out to see what Obama said about the incident ; and he wants to be Commander in Chief ??

  5. Proud American
    June 5, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    Praise the Lord that Lt. Grayson has been cleared of these trumped-up charges! I pray he and his family can pick up the pieces and go on.

    Jack Murtha owes this brave young man an enormous apology. Will he do it? Of course not. That would require the actions of a real man.

    I hope and pray the exoneration of Lt. Col. Chessani and SSGT Wuterich will follow shortly.

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