IAFF union disingenuous video attacks Rudy Giuliani

The International Association of Firefighters’ video Giuliani Gets Exposed As Fraud by Firefighters is a disgusting, disingenuous, politically motivated hit piece on former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Before you watch it on YouTube, please read and see the following.

Firefighter Jimmy Riches, of Engine 4, did not die because the FDNY’s radios did not work on 9/11. Jimmy Riches died because murdering terrorists callously attacked innocent civilians in New York City where the firefighters of the FDNY are rightfully known as the Bravest. Jimmy Riches died because he had the courage to answer the call, stand by his Brothers in a building with a huge fire burning over his head, and do what firefighters always do, their duty to community. 343 active duty FDNY firefighters died on 9/11, including 14 members of Ladder 15 / Engine 4 firehouse, among them Jimmy Riches and my brother-in-law, Ladder 15’s LT Joseph G. Leavey. They died heroes, not the victims of a Mayor who bought radios under a no bid contract.

Engine 4’s driver, Bobby Humphrey, told me 5 years ago that he heard Engine 4 on the radio, while they were upstairs and he was below at the staging area. Jimmy Riches went with Engine 4 to assist people in the North Tower. Alongside firefighters from Engine 28 and Truck 7 [Ladder 7], Engine 4 was evacuating yet selflessly stopped to search the North Tower’s lobby. Engine 28 and Truck 7 had barely cleared the building (and survived) when the North Tower collapsed. Bobby was interviewed by Dennis Smith for enter site go to site click here kasturba gandhi essay in gujarati https://rainierfruit.com/viagra-half-life-in-blood/ https://tasteofredding.org/1572-delivery-overnight-viagra/ source link https://geneseelandlordassoc.org/category/academic-essay-writing-service/44/ source link see writing a clinical research thesis http://www.hemsleyandhemsley.com/cialis-5mg-online-pharmacy/ cheap admission paper writer site http://www.conn29th.org/university/writing-up-a-research-project.htm history essays http://www.danhostel.org/papers/hints-for-essay-writing/11/ cialis online generic thesis topics related to information technology write an essay about my village in french thesis on tender evaluation where to get cialis go site follow link examples of cv writing http://jeromechamber.com/event/what-are-some-transition-words-for-essays/23/ http://www.nationalnewstoday.com/medical/generic-cialis-greece/2/ Permethrin 5 Dermal Cream A New Treatment For Scabies viagra dapoxetine online purchase enter enter site comparison viagra cialis custom essays forum Report from Ground Zero and is quoted there saying much the same thing. Click on the image below.


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Oh, by the way, the radios used on 9/11 were not the radios Giuliani ordered; they were the old ones. The ones Giuliani ordered are currently being used by the FDNY today. Some of the firefighters did in fact hear the evacuation order that morning and either went to tell others, continued to assist in rescue operations, or hesitated while evacuating to search further. Because of the limits of the technology it took an additional 5 years — after 9/11 — to fully test, tweak, configure to speak on one channel with the NYPD in an emergency, and field those radios. Because of the limits of the technology, on 9/11 and still today, no radio currently in existence overcomes all the obstacles and atmospheric conditions that detract from communications while operating in high-rise towers.

Hundreds of firefighters were, six weeks after 9/11, crawling all over and under a very dangerous Pile. They were supposed to coordinate their search efforts with the construction workers operating the equipment to safely remove the crushed towers so those murdered could be recovered. Yet many firefighters were placing themselves and others at unnecessary risk.

While Rudy Giuliani pulled them off at that point, he did not “have them arrested” when “families and off-duty firefighters” protested “Rudy’s appalling lack of respect.” The Harold Shaitenberger organized and IAFF produced hit piece implies that Rudy Giuliani had numerous 9/11 family members and firefighters arrested when no family member was ever arrested for protesting. A few union leaders and one firefighter were arrested (the latter for punching a NYPD police officer in the face). Only that firefighter was prosecuted and he got slapped on the wrist, paying a small fine after pleading guilty to the reduced misdemeanor offense of being disorderly during the protest.

75 firefighters per shift were allowed back on the Pile a few days later when cooler heads prevailed, firefighters agreed to operate safely while on the Pile, and FDNY battalion chiefs were ordered to closely supervise their movements.

Despite IAFF Union President Harold Shaitenberger’s endorsement of John Kerry, FDNY firefighters overwhelmingly voted to reelect George W. Bush in 2004. In addition, FDNY firefighters booed FDNY firefighter union (UFA) President Steve Cassidy’s choice for 2008 [Hillary Clinton] off the stage in 2001.

It is one thing to have an opinion about Rudy Giuliani’s worthiness for President yet it is another to twist the truth about what happened on 9/11 to fit your own political objectives. Those that cry and scream that others are using 9/11 for political gain when they themselves are doing exactly the same thing are hypocrites. If Rudy Giuliani is fair game for his 9/11 related actions, then the veracity of the statements and political and personal motivations of those using 9/11 as a weapon to attack him are also fair game.

Terrorists caused the deaths of Jimmy Riches, Joe Leavey, and nearly 3,000 people on 9/11. I did not hear that mentioned once in the following video and wonder why not? I think we all know the answer to that question.

There is more to say about the lies being offered against Rudy Giuliani yet there will be more IAFF orchestrated attacks on him as the campaign heats up.

  4 comments for “IAFF union disingenuous video attacks Rudy Giuliani

  1. DC Jim Riches
    July 21, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    My son Jimmy was evacuating the North tower on orders from the chiefs on the upper floors who heard no call from the lobby command post. There was no communication from the lobby on 9/11.Chief Picciotto made it out alive after being trapped in stairway B. Maybe you should talk to him and find out that they heard nothing from command and took it upon themselves to tell the members to evacuate, without knowing that the South Tower had totally collapsed. The point is the radios didnt work properly and they didnt know the urgency of the situation,which the police did. I question Rudy Guiliani’s status as 9/11 hero and his incompetent commissioners.

  2. DC Jim Riches
    July 21, 2007 at 9:03 am

    Note from Tim Sumner: I have change my mind. I am posting Chief Jim Riches’ unedited comments. I have several disagreements with them, on point. My reply is in italics and I’ve provided some perspective about the presentation. I have also interjected audio clips and links as part of my reply.

    IAFF President Harold Shaitenberger opens the video with, “Brothers and Sisters, the following video is part of our ongoing politcal education process to ensure you, our members, have every bit of information you need to make an informed decision on who you’ll suppprt for President of the United States.” ‘Education’ implies facts will be presented yet the video implies all Rudy Giuliani cared about during the recovery process was the gold. That allegation is “substantiated” by one IAFF local union representative’s mind reading quote, “Things didn’t change for firefighters but they changed for Rudy Giuliani and [he] said, ‘Don’t worry. Firefighters will believe whatever I tell them. Its about your safety.'” Another union representative tacks on and provides a smooth transition to the IAFF’s implication that Rudy Giuliani callously ordered a “scoop and dump operation” of remains. What we learn in the IAFF’s video is what we already know; some highly partisan union representatives want to undermine Rudy Giuliani’s bid for President to the benefit of the IAFF’s yet to be named candidate of choice.

    The 9/11 family members in the video may or may not have valid complaints about the radios and the handling of remains; I also have questions and strong feelings about those issues. Yet Harold Shaitenberger should of instead said the video is part of the IAFF’s political proganda process and the strong emotion it evoked within me was disgust. The narrator presents parsed facts and supported them largely with conjecture — the strong opinions of 9/11 family members.

    To be fair, somewhere between ‘not all’ and ‘none’ of the 9/11 family members in the video have tied their political tails to the IAFF’s yet to be named 2008 Presidential candidate of choice. They know Harold Shaitenberger is shilling and would bore down on his choice’s most dangerous politcal opponent, Rudy Giuliani. While those 9/11 family members boarded the IAFF’s political bandwagon perhaps for only one ride, deals with the devil come with a price.

    Here now are Chief Riches’ words, his views, unedited. I will follow them with additional comments:

    “Everyone knows that terrorists murdered 2,749 Americans on 9/11. I am Deputy Chief Jim Riches father of FF Jimmy Riches E-4,9/11 hero. Mr Sumner’s letter is a disgrace to all 343 ff’s who were sent into the towers with defective radios. This IAFF video was to show some of the many mistakes made by Rudy. He politicized 9/11 and made it his platform,very unstable one at that. I was at the WTC immediately after the collapse of the North Tower. I spoke extensively with Bobby Humphrey E-4 (located outside of building) and Capt Becker E28 and members. Communications with the North Tower command post lobby were non existent, as was evident in French filmakers video on 9/11. BC Richard Picciotto, BC John Paolillo and others on upper floors heard no communications from lobby and told members to evacuate when South tower fell, some by radio (line of sight) and some by bullhorn. Nothing from lobby!! Rudy knew in 1994 that radios didnt work in WTC attacks(1993) and yet we had same defective radios in 2001, very presidential. For your information, we now have portable repeaters which work well in hi-rise buildings, made by FD Captain Stein. Rudy’s new radios were completely overhauled from digital to analog. Safety was of no concern to Rudy. In late Sept. DEP,city agency, told Rudy that 27 of 38 tests showed high levels of asbestos and Guiliani lied and told us air quality was fine. No proper face fitted respirators until Nov 1,2001. Sick and dying first responders will be Guiliani’s legacy. FYI, 18 firefighters WERE arrested when Rudy wanted to limit the ff’s to a paltry number of 25, totally inadequate. We had 120 assigned and about 100 FF’s volunteering at site to find brothers every day. With 25 ff’s, bodies would have been scooped and dumped in SI Dump, where remains of heroes lay today. Another Rudy legacy as remains also are being found in 2007. By the way, Mr. Sumner, UFA Pres. Cassidy endorsed George Bush in 2004 and helped in his election by campaigning in 4 swing states,especially Ohio. No endorsement in 2008 as of yet. There is no twisting the history of 9/11 except by you. Rudy failed before, during and after 9/11. Defective radios, no unified command, emerg. command post at 7wtc, no interagency communication, failure to provide proper respirators until Nov 01, lied about quality of air at WTC site, appointed incompetent commisssioners. The video tells you about one candidate, Rudy Guiliani and how he ran north on 9/11 and failed miserably in preparedness. Everyone knows the terrorists were responsible, but Rudy prepared us terribly and the results were catastrophic. Rudy, no how you spin it, is not presidential. My wife said Show me your friends and I’ll show you what you are. Look at Rudy’s friends and his personal life, DISASTER with his abrasive and divisive personality. If you don’t agree with me,then I won’t talk to you.”

    I will leave you to evaluate Chief Riches opinion of Rudy Giuliani’s personal life without comment yet this comment by Chief Riches in the IAFF video is not completely factual. Mike Burke emailed me about his brother’s communications. FDNY Captain William Burke died in the North Tower’s collapse after he ordered his fire company to evacuate while he remained to assist a disabled civilian. Mike Burke also points out the communications in the South Tower. I have interjected the link to a web site that hosts excerpts from the communications he mentions, within his comments:

    “My brother’s radio worked and his guys survived because it did … So, the radios weren’t the deciding factor; the terrorists killed them all. Some were lucky but none were dupes.

    “[W]e know the radios worked in WTC 2.”

    Chief Riches wrote in his above comments:

    “BC Richard Picciotto, BC John Paolillo and others on upper floors heard no communications from lobby and told members to evacuate when South tower fell, some by radio (line of sight)…”

    There is a switch on the handy-talkie radios firefighters carry that changes the mode of transmission and reception. In ‘line of sight’ mode, a radio sends and receives signals directly from one radio to another in that same mode. The curvature of the earth, natural obstacles, man-made objects, and other electronic signals, to include other radio transmissions, can all degrade ‘line of sight’ communications. In ‘repeater’ mode, a radio’s signal does not go directly to other radios, even if they are nearby, yet they have an increased ability to detect weaker signals. Repeaters then amplify signals and retransmit them to be received by radios that are in ‘repeater’ mode (but not to those in ‘line of sight’ mode). A repeater still largely relies on ‘line of sight’ in order to detect signals yet has greater ability to capture weaker “bounced” transmissions. A repeater’s amplified signal may be sufficient to penetrate the obstacles between it and radios set to receive the repeated signal. What all that begs is a detailed and expert analysis of what radios worked and did not work at the World Trade Center on 9/11, where they were, and what mode they were in when they did and did not work. Some might say that I to am “blaming the victims” by asking for that analysis yet there are reasons why the radios used on 9/11 — that were not the ones Rudy Giuliani ordered under a ‘no bid’ contract — worked or failed on 9/11. In addition, there are reasons why it took the FDNY an additional five years to reconfigure the radios Rudy Giuliani did buy and the Bloomberg administration placed into service. It is also worth determining what it took, if anything, to make the “portable repeaters which work well in hi-rise buildings, made by FD Captain Stein,” work withn those radios. There are limits to the technology and the FDNY must maximize its ability to communicate during everyday operations and future disasters.

    Off point from Giuliani, in 2004, UFA union President Steve Cassidy was not going to swim against the overwhelming tide of his rank and file, their strong support of President Bush’s reelection. That does not mean Steve Cassidy personally agreed with them. Perhaps we will hear someday the inside baseball version of what it took to force the UFA to endorse President Bush in 2004 — against the wishes of the IAFF union’s top brass.

    Today’s rank and file will make their own individual decisions concerning who they will pull the lever for next year. Chief Riches asserts that the UFA has made “No endorsement in 2008 as of yet.” UFA union President Steve Cassidy’s words sure seem to indicate that when the union bosses make their endorsement and if it turns out to be a resident of New York, that person’s first name will not be Rudy.

  3. DC Jim Riches
    July 21, 2007 at 12:45 am

    Why was my comment removed from the site. Are you afraid of the truth. Why is Tim Sumner’s insulting and misinformation still there. DC Jim Riches father of FF Jimmy Riches 9/11 Hero.

    Chief Riches:

    Your son, FDNY FF Jimmy Riches is a 9/11 hero, in my opinion, and I stated exactly that in this post. Here, in your comment, you allege what I said in that post was “insulting and misinformation.” I assume that you are not referring to that when I said your son is a hero.

    Your name and your son’s name are good ones. Your son died a hero on 9/11.

    You lent your good name to the IAFF’s video. I have to ask, was Engine 4 not evacuating the North Tower along with Engine 28 and Truck 7? Did your son not stop evacuating, as it is states on the wall of Engine 4 / Ladder 15 firehouse, to search the North Tower’s lobby? What part of that is misinformation?

    As you can see from the comment about this one, some disagree with my naming of your son yet this disagreement fails to note that 9/11 family members have repeatedly lent their names and invoked their lost loved ones names to a variety of things, pro and con, related to 9/11.

    You sir lent your name and your status as a 9/11 family member to an IAFF produced video that disparages Rudy Giuliani by name. I disagree with the video’s implication that your son was a victim of a Mayor who bought radios under a ‘no bid’ contract.

    I contend that your son died as a result of faithfully following his oath and responsibilities to community by responding to an attack by terrorists. I also contend that your son was evacuating yet again answered the call to duty when he stopped to search the lobby.

    I gave the speakers in the IAFF video the courtesy of embedding the video for people to judge for themselves. Your argument is made there (here again is the link) and there are numerous forums for where you are free to disagree with me or disparage me by name, as you so choose.

    I state in the comments block here that all comments are moderated. I reserve my right to choose to delete or post any or all comments, to close the comments section or reopen it, as I choose. This is my forum and that is my right.

    You sir, can send what you wrote about me, by name, to other forums.

    — Tim Sumner

  4. Al, Sally & Christina Regenahrd
    July 20, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    Dear Tim,
    In all due respect, because we have been colleagues and have supported each others’ efforts in the past, I must make a critical comment on this posting re the IAFF video.

    First of all, I totally disagree with many of your statements re the IAFF video. My husband, a 39yr veteran of the NYPD, proudly took part in this effort to FINALLY tell the truth about many of the failiures of 9/11 by the Giuliani Administration.

    Now, you and every one is entitled to their own opinion, on Rudy or anything else, but we feel that you crossed the line when you invoked the name of another man’s dead son, because you disagreed with his father. In addition, we feel that only a bona fide Firefighter should be in a position to challenge the expert accounts of a Fire Officer like Chief Jim Riches.

    Finally, you fail to note that the majority of speakers in the IAFF film were FATHERS ( & one SISTER) who lost their beloved firefighter sons and brother on 9/11 in a needless and brutal death thatcould have and should have been avoided. What on earth could be political about that?

    We have the right to tell the truth as we know it, and you have the right to disagree. There is nothing disgusting, disingenuous and politically motivated about the deaths of our FF sons. If you want to support Rudy, go ahead, but please, do not defame the families of Firefighters and do not invoke the names of their dead sons to make a point.

    Al, Sally, Christina Regenhard

    Dear Al, Sally, and Christina:

    Where in my post do I, “defame the families of Firefighters”? Exactly what phrase or word is defamation?

    How many times have you invoked the name of your son in a 9/11 related cause, pro or con? Hundreds of times? Thousands of times?

    Mr. Regenhard: Why are you in that IAFF video? Are you some “man on the street” the IAFF asked his opinion of or are you in it because your son, an FDNY firefighter died in the World Trade Center on 9/11?

    — Tim Sumner

    Dear Al, Sally, and Christina:

    You wrote (here) that I, “fail to note that the majority of speakers in the IAFF film were FATHERS…” They self identified themselves in the video. I posted that video. I did not ‘fail’ to do what you assert.

    By the way, did I name a 9/11 family member in my post? No. I get slammed by you for naming a fallen firefighter but then you turn around and slam me again for not saying the speakers were the family members of those who died on 9/11.

    You wrote, “…we feel that only a bona fide Firefighter should be in a position to challenge the expert accounts of a Fire Officer like Chief Jim Riches.”

    You feel? ‘Feelings’ are opinions, not fact. Fair enough. Am I not at liberty to offer an opinion?

    Chief Riches comments in the IAFF video are opinions. People can place more or less value on his opinions because he is an experienced firefighter as they choose. In my opinion, based upon the reports that I have read and people that I have spoken with, the IAFF video offers parsed, one-sided reports, allegations of facts, to offer an opinion of Rudy Giuliani’s worthiness for President. I can read other opinions, compare them to past experience, and decide for myself.

    You wrote (Sally: You obviously wrote this comment on behalf of you husband and daughter), “My husband, a 39yr veteran of the NYPD…” Is your husband a technically trained expert in radio communication or merely an experienced user of radios? Oh, by the way, I was in the United States Army for 20 years, served there as a Military Policeman, trained in, utilized, and trained other in the use of both commercially available and military acquired radio equipment. All that made me an experienced user yet not an expert in communications. Yet I heard what I heard described about the communications on 9/11 and have read what others have written. Some accounts seem to contradict at least parts of what was alleged within the IAFF video. Do I not have the right as an American to offer my opinion based upon what all that I have seen and heard?

    Oh, by the way, my family lost family on 9/11 yet what weight that adds to or takes from this “debate” people are free to decide for themselves. Or am I, because I am a 9/11 family member who disagrees with opinions offered in the IAFF’s video, not entitled to my opinion?

    In my opinion, based upon all that I have read, seen, and heard, some of the FDNY’s radio equipment was working that day.

    Hundreds of people were trying to communicate at the same time on the various channels and, based upon the knowledge, training, and experience I gained during my 20 year military career while using commericial and military acquired radio equipment, it is my opinion that extreme usage greatly interferred with effective communications that day.

    And lastly, some of the firefighters did in fact hear the evacuation order by a variety of means yet put off evacuating themselves — risking all — in the interests of others. God bless them all.

    — Tim Sumner

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