Hours later, WTC 7 was completely engulfed

Who are you going to believe about the collapse of WTC 7, some conspiracy theorist or FDNY Battalion Chief Richard Picciotto? He was coming down the stairs of the North Tower with several others when the building he was in collapsed. They were trapped for five and half hours until they saw light above them and climbed out. Earlier this week, Chief Picciotto described to WRAL TV what he then saw:

“It was like out of the frying pan and into the fire because we’re in the rubble field. This is hours later. We don’t see a single person. The surrounding buildings are all on fire — 4 World Trade Center, 5, 6, 7 World Trade Center.

“7 World Trade Center is a 48-story building, was completely engulfed, with fire out of every window.”

FDNY Battalion Chief Richard Picciotto was the Last Man Down from the North Tower


From where he stood, Chief Picciotto saw the south face of WTC 7. He confirms what many others there that day describe as a building heavily damaged and in flames. It collapsed after being evacuated, the rubble and danger of another collapse caused the FDNY to pull back, and burning uncontested for most of the day. Far too many had already died.

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