Guantanamo jihadists’ propagandist is a Barack Obama delegate

James J. Yee is a propagandist for the jihadist detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay and a Barack Obama delegate. He is a regular on the ‘due process’ and ‘close Gitmo’ lecture circuit and was a featured panelist at the Guantanamo Bay Bar Association’s “teach-in” hosted by Seton Hall University in October of 2006. How wonderful of West Point graduate James Yee to now travel the country and world betraying the country he once served and the soldiers he served with.

Last night, syndicated talk-radio host Mark Levin played audio of former Army Captain and Guantanamo Chaplain James Yee spouting his usual drivel, in Syria, that “I talked first-hand with prisoners who were held in Camp X-ray, which was the first prison camp of Guantanamo, very early on in early 2002, and prisoners told me directly that…” Yet Yee knows nothing personally; it is all what the detainees told him:

Senator Obama: we await your denouncement of this traitor.

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