Europeans delusional about secularizing Islamists later

This is from commentary entitled ‘Islamofascism in the Netherlands’ by Paul Belien, in the Washington Times today:

Most European secularists consider Islam a useful ally in their attempt to eradicate Christianity. Hence, they facilitate Islamization, confident that they will be able to secularize the Muslims in due course. Some, however, like Mr. Nekschot, recognize the danger of Islam but still regard Christianity as equally dangerous. Europe’s ruling establishment has criminalized every criticism of Islam, though not of Christianity or other religions. Perhaps Mr. Nekschot is hoping for some leniency if he can argue that he was so harsh on Islam because he failed to distinguish it from Christianity — that other “disastrous religion.” … READ THE REST

How large must the alligators surrounding some people become before they realize it is time to stop feeding them?

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