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The ‘Al Qaeda Seven’ should testify before the Senate this Friday

The critics of last week’s Keep America Safe ‘Al Qaeda Seven’ ad missed the point.

We believe the American people should be told if current DOJ lawyers once freely defended enemy belligerents, advocated for providing them full due process, and are now making detention and prosecution recommendations to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Instead, the critics attacked the messenger, Liz Cheney .

It somewhat reminded me of March 13, 2007, when the ACLU released a statement that, in part, reads as follows:

“Congress made a mistake when they supported the MCA in 2006. But the ultimate responsibility lies with us, the people. We know what America stands for, at home and abroad. We have the power and the obligation to call on Congress to correct its mistake and restore habeas corpus and all the constitutional and due process rights they took away.”

Took what, when, and from whom?

This coming Friday, March 12, Holder is again scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He should bring with him those DOJ lawyers and advocates. There is no use asking them the details of the advice they gave concerning where to prosecute Khalid Shiekh Mohammed for the 9/11 attacks; they will only go off on dissertations about lawyer-client privilege, executive privilege, and run out the 5 to 7 minutes of each Senator’s time. Instead, the Senators should ask the DOJ’s top advisers some direct questions:

1) Yes or no: We owe more legal protection to unlawful belligerents than to lawful belligerents?

2) Yes or no: As civilians were primarily targeted that day, would the 9/11 attacks have been a war crime had they been conducted by uniformed foreign soldiers, subsequent to their nation declaring war upon the United States?

3) Where in our Constitution are the avowed foreign enemies of the United States afforded rights, and

4) exactly who took those rights away from them and when were they taken? *

5) Did you recommend a military commission or a federal trial for the 9/11 conspirators?

Those are straightforward questions.

If the DOJ’s top folks can not get them right or if they avoid giving straightforward answers, each American can judge for themselves if those lawyers should be providing advice about our Nation’s defense.


* Note: For the benefit of any ACLU lawyer reading this at home, if they answer # 3 correctly, there is no need to ask them # 4.

Keep America Safe Statement In Response To President Obama’s New Role In The KSM Debate

Keep America Safe Statement In Response To President Obama’s New Role In The KSM Debate

“We welcome President Obama’s decision to engage on a matter of vital national security. The process by which 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried, and the location of the trial, require the urgent attention of our Commander in Chief.

“We also welcome the administration’s newfound openness to prosecuting KSM in a military commission. Military commissions, which have been used since the beginning of American history, have been authorized by Congress and are the appropriate way to deal with war criminals during wartime. Moreover, they support bedrock principles of international humanitarian law that afford privileges to those who adhere to the laws of war. Rewarding those who savagely target civilians with all the rights and privileges of American citizens in our civilian courts incentivizes them to continue attacking civilians.

“An overwhelming, bipartisan majority of Americans believe that captured terrorists should be treated as enemy combatants and face military justice. They are right and it’s time for President Obama to start listening to the American people.”

Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Debra Burlingame
Board of Directors
Keep America Safe

Debra Burlingame discusses 12/5 rally against federal terror trials in NYC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact Bill Zeiser at, 516-448-5489, Website:


What: 9/11 Never Forget Coalition Press Conference. Details to be provided on December 5th rally protesting the NYC based trial of 9/11 conspirators
Where: Castle Clinton, Battery Square Park : UPDATE: LOCATION MOVED 100 yards east of Castle Clinton at Battery Park Gardens Restaurant.
When: November 24, 2009 ­ 12:00 noon

– Representative Pete King (R, NY)
– Debra Burlingame, co-founder 9/11 Families for a Safe and Strong America
– Tim Brown, founder
– Andrew C. McCarthy, former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and prosecutor in the trial of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing
– Peter Regan, Active FDNY, 2 Tour Iraq War Vet, 9/11 Family member

9/11 families back military trials in letter to President Obama

Eight year ago today, on November 13, 2001, my family laid to rest a 9/11 hero on what would have been his 46th birthday. Outside the church, along with hundreds of friends and neighbors and 1,200 firefighters tearfully saluting their fallen brother, we felt our nation standing as one. Today, we ask that you stand once more, for your families and with ours, to support our troops, and in the common defense.

We have appealed directly to the President. Below is that letter. If you wish to add your name to it, PLEASE CLICK HERE. (Note: is partners with and in this effort.) … Update: November 15, 2009: Due to the tremendous response, we are creating a displayable list of the 100,000 people who decided to co-sign our letter to President Obama. In addition, we have issued a call to action for this Wednesday in Washington D.C.