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Obama indefinitely detains Geithner; tax cheats, not al Qaeda, the ‘truly dangerous individuals’

The WOT has been replaced by the WOTC, the War on Tax Cheats. On ’60 Minutes’ tonight, President Barack Obama will announce that he is planning to indefinitely detain American Timothy Geithner, on U.S. soil, presumably without trial:

Were Geithner to tender his resignation, Obama says he would tell him: “Sorry, buddy, you’ve still got the job.”

President Obama released dirty bomber Binyam Mohammed to return back to England.

AG Eric Holder says “maybe” Obama will release 17 Uighurs into the United States even though all of them associated with the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, were trained in terrorism by the ETIM (20 of the 22), most were captured in ETIM camps in Toro Bora or while attempting to escape from there into Pakistan, and two surrendered with Taliban and al Qaeda forces at Mazari Sharif.

Green card holder al-Marri, who President George W. Bush indefinitely detained for being an al Qaeda terrorist, has been removed from a Navy brig and arraigned in federal court.

Asked by CBS’ Steve Kroft about releasing prisoners who have returned to terrorist groups, Obama replies: “There is no doubt that we have not done a particularly effective job in sorting through who are truly dangerous individuals … to make sure [they] are not a threat to us.” Yet, the president maintains, the Bush administration’s policy on detainees at Guantanamo — including long incarcerations without trial — was “unsustainable.”

Tims around the world stand in solidarity. The American government paid a bounty, equal to his back taxes, and swept up our brother from his office.

We call upon the Center for Constitutional Rights to file a habeas petition for Obama to produce the body; Timothy Geithner should immediately be electronically returned home to his dependents and other deductibles.

Free the Treasury Secretary One!

Oh, by the way, Keep Gitmo Open and al Qaeda’s killers locked up there. Terrorists should not be released into our neighborhoods or to return to the battlefield to kill our troops.

One jihadist held in U.S. to get federal trial: al-Marri will not ‘save the day by pleading guilty’

The New York Times reports:

The Justice Department, in an abrupt change in policy from the Bush administration, is preparing to bring terrorism-related charges against a man identified as an operative of Al Qaeda who has been held in a military brig for more than five years, government officials said Thursday. The charges would move the case of the only enemy combatant to be held on American soil, Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, into a civilian criminal court. The Bush administration had argued that he could be held indefinitely without being charged.

Within their reporting, the Times made its own position quite clear:

Jonathan Hafetz of the American Civil Liberties Union, the lead lawyer in the case, said bringing charges would “definitely be a positive step in that the government will no longer be detaining Mr. Marri without charge and returning him to the civilian justice system.” But Mr. Hafetz said the criminal charges should have been filed seven years ago, when Mr. Marri was first arrested in Peoria on suspicion of ties to Al Qaeda. He said the Supreme Court should reject any government argument that the case is moot because the issue of whether the government may indefinitely detain legal residents or those in Guantánamo remains alive. The case should go forward, Mr. Hafetz said, “to make clear, once and for all, that the indefinite military detention of legal residents or American citizens is illegal, and to prevent this from ever happening again.”

I’ll assume from those quotes that Mr. Hafetz believes the enemy should be afforded full due process under our Constitution and our national security must take a back seat to al Qaeda’s killers “right” to speedy adjudications.

Andrew McCarthy of the National Review Online explains some of the difficulties the Obama administration faces as it tries to balance protecting both the United States and al-Marri at trial in federal court:

Once the executive branch files charges, it loses control over discovery. There are rules in place, of course, but they are very elastic and they will be construed by a judge. The judge’s responsibility is not national security but to provide due process for the accused. We are still at war, al Qaeda is still trying to attack us, and it goes to school on the trove of information that comes out of civilian trials — both information in our files that must be disclosed and information that comes out in the courtroom during the public hearings and trial proceedings. The Justice Department’s best lawyers (who are very good) can try to draft narrow charges to minimize the potential damage, but — as Moussaoui’s case showed — they can’t control the judge (who, in Moussaoui’s case, authorized extensive discovery of intelligence gleaned from detained terrorists, at one point dismissed the indictment because she thought the government wasn’t disclosing enough, and even delved into interrogation tactics despite the fact that those tactics had no relevance to Moussaoui). It does not appear that al-Marri is a Moussaoui-like loose cannon — he is not going to save the day by pleading guilty.

I refer to people like Jonathan Hafetz as al Qaeda’s lawyers. Frankly, I believe they share the same ultimately goal of dictating to the American people how much freedom they will be allowed. No worries though; al Qaeda surely plans on murdering their lawyers last.