CAIR also sued on behalf of 9/11 dry run terrorists

Seven years before filing suit against “John Doe” airline passengers on behalf of the six ‘Flying Imams,’ CAIR, the Council of American-Islamic Relations, filed a lawsuit on behalf of two men the FBI says were conducting a “dry run” in preparation for the 9/11 hijackings. FrontPage magazine has the details:

It’s a tale of two Novembers with the horror of September 11th sandwiched in between… In November 2006, six imams on a US Airways Minneapolis to Phoenix flight begin engaging in bizarre behaviors eerily similar to those used by the 9/11 hijackers… [I]n November 1999, two Saudi students on an America West flight from Phoenix to Columbus were detained after landing because they had made repeated attempts to enter the cockpit area of the plane during the flight.

In both cases, CAIR rose up to defend the offenders in question and engaged in their now standard grievance theater protest politics. In the most recent case, CAIR has tried to capitalize on the publicity surrounding the incident by backing the “Flying Imams” and supporting their lawsuit against the airlines and passengers for responding to their bizarre behavior. The lawsuit is being handled by a Muslim attorney associated with CAIR.

When it comes to the November 1999 incident, any mention of CAIR’s involvement or defense of the Saudi students has been scrubbed from the organization’s website. It’s no wonder, as the 9/11 Commission Report (page 521, footnote 60) explains that the FBI now considers the incident as a “dry run” for the 9/11 hijackings. And the two men involved? As the 9/11 Commission Report explains, Hamdan al-Shalawi was in Afghanistan in November 2000 training at an Al-Qaeda camp to launch “Khobar Tower”-type attacks against the US in Saudi Arabia, and Mohammad Al-Qadhaieen was arrested in June 2003 as a material witness in the 9/11 attacks. Both men were friends of Al-Qaeda recruiter, Zakaria Mustapha Soubra, who drove them to the airport that day in Qadhaieen’s car. Another friend of Shalawi is Ghassan al-Sharbi, another Al-Qaeda operative that would later be captured in Pakistan with high-level Al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubaida.

There is a connection between these two incidents…

See the connection, follow the links, and read the full story by clicking here. It is worth your time.

  1 comment for “CAIR also sued on behalf of 9/11 dry run terrorists

  1. Major Deterence
    April 18, 2007 at 6:56 am

    Well, clearly there is a connection between both incidents. They, meaning Islamic fundamentalists and their sympathisers, think Americans have the attentions span of mice—and they’re not far off.

    CAIR clearly telegraphed the 9/11 attacks with their defense of the 1999 Al Quada dry run. But one had to give CAIR the benefit of the doubt in ’99 as there never had been a 9/11 type attack in world history to that point. But we know better now. Therefore, they most certainly were dry running a future Al Quada attack with their beligerent, provocative behavior in November of last year. Their litigious behavior in both incidents can clearly be tied together at this point in time as attempts to intimidate air passengers before another wave of hijackings is attempted by Islamic radicals.

    So, what’s it going to take to have CAIR declared as enemy combatants?

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