1 comment for “Flight Crew: United Airlines Flight 93

  1. James "Chase" McKeown
    October 31, 2018 at 3:28 am

    Fellow EWR UAL F/A (#270697); thanks for keeping the vigil, memory and memorial of such an exceptonal waste of so beautiful, happy and fun people, extinguished in such exquisite and impossibly painful horror. I’ve flown with Cee Cee, Wanda and Deborah. It is not fair that I am here and one – any – ALL – of them are not. Cee Cee and I went to “Stewardess Academy” fm FL, she grad 1 wk b4 me, both got domiciled at Newark Intn’l, we each had LE backgrounds. It should not have been her on that flight. “Those who will believe in anything can be convinded to do anything”.

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