Jihadists aided UK ‘moron’ nail bomber

The nail bombing in Exeter, England, sounds a lot like al Qaeda in Iraq using mentally challenged men, women, and children, sending them into crowds, and remotely detonating the explosive vests strapped to them.

Jihad Watch reports that:

[E]vidently Mohammed Rasheed (Nicky Reilly) wasn’t a freelance jihadist or a random fellow acting out his random mental illness at all. He seems to have been part of a jihadist group. And two more men have been arrested in connection with the attack.

“Exeter explosion: ‘bomber’ Nicky Reilly was sent text of encouragement,” by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, May 23.

The UK Telegraph also reported:

The man detained over a bomb attack in Exeter suffered mental health problems which were exploited by radicals, who “brainwashed” him outside a fish and chip shop, it was claimed today.

He repeatedly watched video footage of the September 11 attacks and had a poster of the burning Twin Towers on his wall, friends claimed. They said that he was “naive and easily lead” and had attempted to commit suicide several times. The suspect lives with his mother in the centre of Plymouth – near the cafe where he allegedly held “secret meetings”, a kebab shop called Halal Chicken and Meat. Bradley Kinsman, 22, said: “He started hanging out with some Muslims and they would meet in a couple of places.