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Pro-jihad Islamic ‘charity’ youth group says ‘Fitna’ promotes ‘conflict’

Arab News, Riyadh, Saudia Arabia, reports today (hat tip to Little Green Footballs) :

The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) has denounced Thursday’s screening of an anti-Qur’an film [Fitna — see the short film here] by a rightwing MP in the Netherlands and called on international bodies to prevent people from insulting religions. “These kinds of attacks by so-called sane European politicians and scholars will lead to very serious repercussions, pushing mankind to a situation of chaos and conflict,” said Dr. Saleh S. Al-Wohaibi, secretary-general of WAMY.

“It is a new fitna [strife], a new obstacle to block any sensible dialogue between religions. It is high time that the West moves quickly to control the damage. They don’t understand how much Muslims love and respect their Prophet (pbuh),” said Al-Wohaibi. “If we do something against Christianity or target Christian interests in retaliation, the Netherlands, Europe and the whole world would object. But Islam does not teach that, it advocates peace and co-existence,” said Al-Wohaibi.

In fact, Saleh S. Al-Wohaibi and WAMY teaches blocking dialogue and pushing mankind towards chaos and conflict. On August 23, 2006, the Intelligence Summit reported:

This is the same WAMY that published and distributed a book titled, Islamic Camps: Objectives, Program Outlines, Preparatory Steps, as a guide for other Muslim groups planning camps. The book lists steps for starting a camp, creating a program, inviting participants, establishing goals, and other technical advice. It also includes sample schedules, a list of sports and activities, lectures, meals and free time.

Here is a look inside WAMY’s book:

WAMY book 'Islamic Camps: Objectives, Program Outlines, Preparatory Steps' page 107

WAMY book 'Islamic Camps: Objectives, Program Outlines, Preparatory Steps' page 108

And here is the pdf.

For the uninitiated, the ‘kuffaar’ are the infidels, the non-believers of Islam. While ‘mushrikeen‘ translates to mean a polytheist, one who believes in more than one god, it includes Christians, those who believe that Jesus is the son of God, and all those who worship “other than Allah.”

The Intelligence Summit added:

Even their lobbyists and advisors in Washington, DC, who according to Wohaibi: “are doing a good job in trying to reach out to government officials, congressmen and the media as part of our effort to explain our activities and remove misconceptions” can’t erase the damage done by WAMY’s rhetoric and only serves to confirm WAMY’s agenda by representing themselves with the Muslim World League (MWL), Al-Haramain and the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) (which just had two branches designated for “facilitating fundraising for al Qaida and affiliated terrorist groups.”)

On May 4, 2004, the New York Times’ Neil MacFarquhar reported:

“Saying that the Jews and the Christians are infidels is part of our religious dogma,” said Saleh S. al-Wohaibi, the American-educated secretary general of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth. Any changes in the way it is taught should be decided by Saudis, he said, adding, “It doesn’t mean we try to incite hatred against others, but my religion has its own principles that should not be violated or changed.”

Islam and Free Speech

Congressman Peter Hoekstra writes in the Wall Street Journal this morning about Islam and Free Speech [Ed. — the links interjected into the following excerpt are mine]:

Not all of these radicals are using violence to supplant democratic society with an extreme form of Shariah. Some in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark are attempting to create parallel Islamic societies with separate courts for Muslims. According to recent press reports, British officials are investigating the cases of 30 British Muslim school-age girls who “disappeared” for probable forced marriages.

While efforts to create parallel Islamic societies have been mostly peaceful, they may actually be a jihadist “waiting game,” based on the assumption that the Islamic populations of many European states will become the majority over the next 25-50 years due to higher Muslim birth rates and immigration.

What is particularly disturbing about these assaults against modern society is how the West has reacted with appeasement, willful ignorance, and a lack of journalistic criticism. Last year PBS tried to suppress “Islam vs. Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center,” a hard-hitting documentary that contained criticism of radical jihadists. Fortunately, Fox News agreed to air the film.

Even if the new Wilders film [‘Fitna’] proves newsworthy, it is likely that few members of the Western media will air it, perhaps because they have been intimidated by radical jihadist threats. The only major U.S. newspaper to reprint any of the controversial 2005 Danish cartoons was Denver’s Rocky Mountain News. You can be sure that if these cartoons had mocked Christianity or Judaism, major American newspapers would not have hesitated to print them.

[Ed. — Here is the link to the editor’s blog of the Rocky Mountain News that has links to the 12 cartoons. Update: You can also see a sample of the cartoons right here on this web site.]

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