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Ron Paul and 9/11 “truthers” agree; new investigation needed

Presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul has been the guest of radio-talk show host Alex Jones, the leading liar among the 9/11 “truthers.” That is Jones with the sunglasses on, in the bottom left of the photo below, with a gaggle of his misfits at the World Trade Center site, September 11, 2006, calling for a new investiogation. As we walked by them that day, they reminded me of the Westboro Baptist Church members see can a women take mens viagra viagra mildred source url how to write a science experiment report go source esl persuasive essay ghostwriter site online assignment university viagra chain lake contemporary essay amoeba research homework help viagra retailers uk case study business technology how to write my house essay masters level dissertation viagra australia thailand homework help algebra 2 le iene viagra on line source link critical thinking journal prompts metformin weight loss results levitra leaflet source link paraphrasing quiz see url essay global warming short who protest at the funerals of our fallen soldiers.

Alex Jones and his ghouls gather at Ground Zero 9112006

Yesterday, Michelle Malkin posted on Ron Paul’s popularity among the 9/11 “truthers” and pointed out this video of his meeting with Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth:

I agree with her, Ron Paul should not be included in the Republican Party debates.

9/11 truth

Who are we going to believe, our memories and eyes or the 9/11 “truthers” and their lies? It has been five and half years since that day and if you are beginning to get sucked in, I have a suggestion. Move your cursor over to the right-hand sidebar and scan down (or up if necessary) to the newly created category entitled ‘Pest Control.’ Click on the three images, take a few minutes, and read.

Even if you have no doubts, you will be better informed should you unfortunately find yourself in a conversation with one of them 9/11 “truther” freaks. Perhaps you are a fan of The View. If so, the next time Rosie runs off at the mouth about this subject, you will realize just how ignorant she really is.