“We will not accept the victimization agenda”

American Islamic Forum for Democracy Press Releases — March 13, 2007
Press Release: Not All Muslims Support CAIR Plan to Sue U.S. Airways on Behalf of Six Imams

Muslim organization believes that lawsuit filed by CAIR on behalf of local Phoenix imams is wrong for American Muslims and wrong for America.

[PHOENIX, AZ: March 13, 2007]: Wide media attention is being given today to the lawsuit filed by CAIR on behalf of six imams against U.S. Airways for their claims of discrimination against race and religion. Most of the imams are from local mosques here in Phoenix and were removed from a U.S. Airways flight on November 21, 2006 en route to Phoenix from Minneapolis.

AIFD would like the American public to be aware of our following positions representing an alternative voice from the American Muslim community.

Emerson: “CAIR fronts for radical Islam”

“…In 1993, there was a secret meeting in Philadelphia where wire taps were conducted by the FBI of Hamas officials that were plotting to carry out fundraising for Hamas. They decided to create a front organization. That front organization was CAIR. Nihad Awad was one of the participants.” — Steve Emerson, March 14, 2007