Barack Obama

Obama’s vision ‘Change that Sees No Evil’

Who is El Sayyid Nosair? Well, I know him. I spent an awful lot of time around him. I know all about his background. So what if, upon being asked that question, I told you, “Oh, Sayyid — yeah, he’s an engineering student from Egypt who became a mechanic for the New York State courts.” You might respond, “Wait a second. Wasn’t he the guy who murdered Meir Kahane (founder of the Jewish Defense League) in front of a room full of people at some hotel in Manhattan?” “Oh, that. Yeah, well — but that was nearly 20 years ago.” “And didn’t he, like, shoot a 70-year-old man who tried to block him from getting away?” “I suppose.” — Andy McCarthy, today in the National Review Online

While in his 20’s, Barack Obama first went to meet Bill Ayers while knowing he had led the Weathermen. In his 30’s, Barack Obama served with Bill Ayers on a board that granted monies to an open admirer of Middle Eastern terrorist Yasar Arafat. Barack Obama was a month past 40 on 9/11 when Bill Ayers was quoted by the New York Times as saying, ”I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Barack Obama is now a 46-year-old adult, not a naive 8-year-old. He is a United States Senator running for President yet also still associating with the unrepentant American terrorist Bill Ayers, exchanging ideas with him, although not on a “regular basis.”

Barack Obama says he would talk directly with Iran, a nation that has supported terrorist organizations since 1979. The 9/11 Commission stated it found that perhaps, “8 to 10,” of the 9/11 hijackers passed through Iran less than a year before 9/11 and its intelligence service intentionally did not stamp their passports to guard against scrutiny during future travels. Iran now trains terrorists to kill our troops in Iraq and has harbored at least 22 senior members of al Qaeda, including a son of Osama bin Laden, under the phony label ‘house arrest’ for more than 3 years.

I do not question Barack Obama’s patriotism; I question his personal judgment.

The company Barack Obama keeps

At the National Review Online, Andy McCarthy reveals another interesting associate of Presidential candiate Barack Obama:

In the interim, Ayers and Obama had teamed up for three years on the board of the Woods Fund, a Chicago charitable organization. Together, they voted to donate $75,000 of the largesse they controlled to the Arab American Action Network. The AAAN was co-founded by Rashid Khalidi, a longtime supporter of Palestinian “resistance” attacks against Israel, which he openly regards as a racist, apartheid state. Despite considerable evidence to the contrary, Khalidi peremptorily denies having been a PLO operative or having directed its official press agency for six years (from 1976 to 1982). There can be no gainsaying, though, that he was an influential apologist for Yasser Arafat, the terror master who spawned two Intifadas and ordered the murder of American diplomats.

In the mean, besotted United States, of course, being a terrorist, a terror apologist, or simply raging at the machine qualifies one for a cushy academic soapbox. Thus did Khalidi eventually land on his feet at the University of Chicago, where he ran in the same circles as Associate Dean Michelle Obama, Law Professor Barack Obama, University of Illinois-Chicago Education Professor Bill Ayers, and Northwestern Law Professor Bernadine Dohrn (who prepared for a career in instructing future officers of the court with a stint in federal prison for flouting a judge’s order that she testify in a grand jury investigation into the Weathermen’s infamous Brinks robbery-murders).

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