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Senator Dianne Feinstein’s brutal interrogation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh cannot prove a negative. There is no address or identified location and Dr. Ford provides no specific date. All four witnesses identified by Ford have denied it happened. But this is being prosecuted in a kangaroo court of public opinion and Senator Dianne Feinstein is running the show.

Feinstein’s use of Ford’s impossible to prove or disprove 36-year old account of this alleged assault is reminiscent of her $50-million dollar slander of those involved in the Enhanced Interrogations Program when she attempted to destroy the careers of hundreds at the CIA. But the CIA had proof from its years of internal investigation to take apart each of the distortions and lies told by her committee staffers. And U.S. Attorneys for both Presidents Bush 43 and Obama had found no evidence of torture under U.S. law.

Nothing stands in Senator Feinstein’s way now. If she were to go full C-SPAN TV interrogator at another Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Judge Kavanaugh testifying, this is what it would sound like:

Feinstein: Did you sexually grope and attempt to rape the then 15-year old Dr. Christine Blasey Ford?

Kavanaugh: Senator, I never …

DiFi: We have Dr. Ford’s statement and the statements of people who she told about it — it doesn’t matter if it was decades later — as well as Dr. Ford telling a therapist six years ago. America does not want a perverted rapist on the Supreme Court.

BK: Senator, all those who Dr. Ford named as being at a party …

DiFi: All those she named are probably friends of yours trying to protect you. You were likely drunk and would have raped an innocent 15-year old girl had your also drunken friends not interfered. What father or mother of an American daughter wants a perverted rapist on the Supreme Court?

BK: This isn’t justice …

DiFi: This isn’t a court of law; you have no presumption of innocence and we need not prove you guilty beyond reasonable doubt. It has been alleged that, while drunk, you attempted to rape a 15-year old girl.

In addition, there is also an only slightly less credible allegation that you displayed your penis near the face of another young girl.

And there are other allegations which, regardless of their veracity, make you unsuited for the Supreme Court.

BK: Senator …

DiFi: My time has expired. I yield back.

As has been often said, it is the debate that drags us down. Thanks to Senator Feinstein we are nearing the bottom.